“Reviving a Dire Straits concert in the 80s-90s”

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

The Marseilles: You joined Dire Straits for the tour of the album “Brothers in arms”. What memories do you have of that time? ? Chris White: During this tour in 1985-86, I played for the first time with Dire Straits. I had previously worked with Mark Knopfler [guitariste et fondateur du groupe, Ndlr] on different … Read more

Concert venues are invented at Musica – ResMusica

Concert venues are invented at Musica ResMusica

More details Strasbourg. musica festivalTJP, Great Hall. 17-IX-2022: Zad Moultaka (born in 1967): Armoise, for clarinet and video; Moisare, for soprano and video; Daphné Hejebri (born in 1994): +1, for soprano, bass clarinet and electronics; Georges Aperghis (born in 1945): Half-words, for voice and clarinet; Zeynep Gedizlioğlu (born in 1977): NN 3:4 /Speak!, for soprano, … Read more

Show on Bernadette, Holi concert… Grand program for the Treille celebrations in Lille

Show on Bernadette Holi concert Grand program for the Treille scaled

By Anne-Sophie Hourdeaux Published on 22 Sep 22 at 10:14 Lille News See my news Follow this media The cathedral of La Treille awaits you from September 24 to October 2 for a great novena, and festive events. (©Archives: Northern Cross) From September 24 to October 2, 2022, Lille Cathedral and the diocese of Lille … Read more

In concert in Mandelieu, Murray Head recounts his misunderstood hit

Quelques types de sport a pratiquer en cas de fatigue

For his performance we are training, don’t worry about the age, venerable, of Murray Head! Before his concert in Mandelieu this Tuesday evening, the artist was already overflowing with energy, during our interview at the hotel Casarose. A flood of words worthy of a deluge of decibels, where English thought makes its way through French … Read more

Sting in Chambord, a majestic concert in an enchanting site: we were there

Sting in Chambord a majestic concert in an enchanting site

If he no longer jumps on stage as in the great hours of his former rock trio The Police, his voice, his pace and his charisma retain an insolent freshness and youth. Sting, 70, one of the most famous English singer and bassist in the world of rock – and beyond – for more than … Read more

Musical Offering: Immersive concert on the theme of water

On July 2 and 3, the “L’Offrande Musicale” festival is offering the public a world premiere with “Water Music”, an immersive concert by Antoine Wagner. Combining classical music and visual arts, such is the challenge that the Tarbes pianist David Fray and the Franco-American video artist Antoine Wagner have set themselves. A challenge that will … Read more

Massacre in Texas: Don McLean cancels his concert at the party “for freedom and firearms”

The rocker gave up performing on the stage of the annual NRA convention on Saturday, less than a week after the shooting that left 22 people dead, including 19 minors, at a school. Singing less than a week after the tragedy seemed inappropriate to him. American rocker Don McLean announced on Wednesday that he will … Read more

Shellfish concert, shamanism and wombat poo: the perched meetings of the Musica festival

Shellfish concert shamanism and wombat poo the perched meetings of

The international festival of today’s music returns for a 39th edition with a formula that combines environment, shamanism and the US. From September 16 to October 10, the actors of the festival will be heard in no less than fifteen different places in Strasbourg. The opportunity to discover what is currently being done in terms … Read more