Top 20 of the worst things that can happen to you after your death, what to want to stay alive for a long time | Topito

Top 20 of the worst things that can happen to

Whether or not you believe in life after death, you probably want to leave a good image of yourself the day you cry. You would like everything to go smoothly, for everyone to keep a good memory of your little face and even for us to regret your departure a little (it always pleases the … Read more

Top 10 Stars Who Chose Their Artist Name The Bad Way | Topito

Some famous personalities want to remain anonymous by finding a pseudonym or a name that is “classier”. But for some one cannot say that inspiration is their great strength because they choose their name in a somewhat stupid way. We therefore invite you to see some examples and you will never see these people in … Read more

Which Torch character are you based on your zodiac sign? | Topito

The Le Flambeau series is filled with characters who perfectly represent our society. But here is completely unsourced information: each character was created according to an astrological sign. It is therefore appropriate to judge your astro sign according to the character assigned to you. 1. Aries: Chataléré Just like Chacha, if there’s one thing Aries … Read more

Top 8 Representations Of Hell In Different Mythologies, Not Great For The Holidays | Topito

We often hear people say “I was stuck in the subway for fifteen minutes, it was hot and crowded, it was really hell” but is this really a realistic representation of what our ancestors or fellow believers of various religions regard as Hell? Not really. Quite surprisingly, however, we find this principle of the world … Read more