Top 25 funny tweets about the horoscope, this super reliable thing (yes) | Topito

Top 25 funny tweets about the horoscope this super reliable

Today the sun is in Libra, the moon in Scoprio and Neptune in Pisces, and you certainly don’t give a fuck if you too think that astrology is bogus. But admit, even behind your grumpy Scorpio airs, you too enjoy reading the horoscope when it predicts an unforgettable encounter in the coming days and unfailing … Read more

Top 20 of the worst things that can happen to you after your death, what to want to stay alive for a long time | Topito

Top 20 of the worst things that can happen to

Whether or not you believe in life after death, you probably want to leave a good image of yourself the day you cry. You would like everything to go smoothly, for everyone to keep a good memory of your little face and even for us to regret your departure a little (it always pleases the … Read more

Top 10 Stars Who Chose Their Artist Name The Bad Way | Topito

Some famous personalities want to remain anonymous by finding a pseudonym or a name that is “classier”. But for some one cannot say that inspiration is their great strength because they choose their name in a somewhat stupid way. We therefore invite you to see some examples and you will never see these people in … Read more

Which Torch character are you based on your zodiac sign? | Topito

The Le Flambeau series is filled with characters who perfectly represent our society. But here is completely unsourced information: each character was created according to an astrological sign. It is therefore appropriate to judge your astro sign according to the character assigned to you. 1. Aries: Chataléré Just like Chacha, if there’s one thing Aries … Read more

Top 8 Representations Of Hell In Different Mythologies, Not Great For The Holidays | Topito

We often hear people say “I was stuck in the subway for fifteen minutes, it was hot and crowded, it was really hell” but is this really a realistic representation of what our ancestors or fellow believers of various religions regard as Hell? Not really. Quite surprisingly, however, we find this principle of the world … Read more