Kazakhstan launches an investigation into the mining company Bincloud suspected of organizing a Ponzi scheme. – Latest News

Horoscope the month of July will be very very complicated

Recently, Kazakh authorities launched an investigation into a mining hotel involved in a cryptocurrency pyramid. The platform called Bincloud attracted investors through the popular messaging app. Its founders kept 16% of the investors’ funds for themselves. Bincloud facing an investigation by the Kazakh authorities As part of a broader effort to combat cryptocurrency fraud, Kazakhstan’s … Read more

The Commission launches its new innovation program to boost the startup ecosystem in the EU

The Commission launches its new innovation program to boost the

The Commission published on Tuesday (5 July) its new European innovation agenda, which sets out five main lines through which it will seek to stimulate investment in cutting-edge technologies and innovation within the EU. Announced by Research and Innovation Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, the five areas include Talent Attraction, Policy Development and Addressing the Development Gap, … Read more

Todd Rundgren launches David Bowie tribute tour

Julee Cruise, whose voice was an integral part of many Lynch projects such as ” Twin Peaks ” and ” blue-velvet “, died at the age of 65. Singer Julee Cruise, whose haunting voice made her a favored collaborator with filmmaker David Lynch, has died aged 65. The news has been confirmed on Facebook by … Read more

Epoch Times Launches “Hong Kong and the World” Website

Hong Kong, this special administrative region, is a place where miracles abound. A famous international city in a small place, with over 7 million Hong Kongers proud to work hard in this blessed land, free from natural disasters, creating a prosperous society with a fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. Unfortunately, the Chinese Communist Party … Read more

For the well-being of senior citizens: Foyer d’Amour Ong launches (…)

For the well being of senior citizens Foyer dAmour Ong launches

Support for senior citizens. The ”Balance” project of Foyer d’Amour Ong fills a great void in terms of assistance to the elderly in the Republic of Benin. This innovative project aims to improve the living and working conditions of the elderly through the promotion of laws and good practices aimed at their protection, to promote … Read more

DIRECT. Legislative 2022: Jean-Luc Mélenchon launches the “Parliament of Nupes” to promote “popular involvement”

DIRECT Legislative 2022 Jean Luc Melenchon launches the Parliament of Nupes

Find here all of our live #POLITICS 8:51 p.m. : “We are going to look hospital by hospital where the problems are: caregiver fatigue, repeated sick leave, inability to recruit (…) to have a complete map at the start of the summer. 8:50 p.m. : Emmanuel Macron says a little more about the fact-finding mission … Read more

Candied turnip launches hello | surprises and fun – Sors-tu.ca – Le Webzine des Sorteux

Thursday evening, while the temperature was milder and the sun was less strong in the early evening, Navet Confit launched its latest album good morning in the private room. The room, located in the basement of an ecclesiastical building on rue de Bordeaux, was filled to capacity: around fifty people had gathered to celebrate this … Read more