Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: How many times can you really bend it before you break it?

It’s a question that many potential foldable smartphone users ask themselves: are flexible screens really strong? How many times can you actually fold and unfold them? The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has passed an extreme and near-exhaustive stress test, and we finally have the answer. Foldable smartphones fascinate us as much as they make us … Read more

Elden Ring: Faster Loading Times on Xbox Series X|S with Patch 1.05

Elden Ring Faster Loading Times on Xbox Series XS with

Today, FromSoftware is back with a fairly comprehensive new 1.05 patch rolled out for Elden Ring. This patch notably fixes many bugs and adds some features. A very good point for the last RPG of the Souls saga after an update deployed in early May reducing the difficulty of certain bosses caused debate among players. … Read more

Epoch Times Launches “Hong Kong and the World” Website

Hong Kong, this special administrative region, is a place where miracles abound. A famous international city in a small place, with over 7 million Hong Kongers proud to work hard in this blessed land, free from natural disasters, creating a prosperous society with a fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. Unfortunately, the Chinese Communist Party … Read more

Summer artistic course – Strasbourg: date, times, prices

Summer artistic course Strasbourg date times prices

© Place arts and leisure Place Arts et Loisirs is a place of sharing with a single philosophy: Art. Through these arts, we really want to set up a meeting place between enthusiasts. The opportunity for artists to share their knowledge with curious enthusiasts. We have several modules to share these arts: There are courses … Read more

Dreaming of the same person several times: what interpretations?

Globally, dreaming of the same person multiple times nothing to worry about. This is simply an invitation to reflection. “Your subconscious sends you a signal to allow you to analyze something of which you are not aware”, explains Juliet was going, author, psychotherapist and analyst Jungian. Dreaming several times about a person who is in … Read more

Laureyssens: “This padel tournament is a tsunami, it exceeds my expectations a thousand times”

Laureyssens This padel tournament is a tsunami it exceeds my

By yves simon Tennis specialist journalist | Published on 8/05/2022 at 20:42 40,000 fans came to discover the first Circus Brussels Padel Open since Wednesday at Tour & Taxis with the victory of the world nº1, both for ladies and gentlemen. Vincent Laureyssens, one of the organizers, is over the moon! ***** *** ** **************** … Read more