My week with Rebecca, one of the “haunted” dolls sold online

My week with Rebecca one of the haunted dolls sold

It arrived in a big box with the first snowflakes of winter. Like a strange gift from Christmas. A pale face under blond bangs, melancholy green eyes, a long ruffled dress, a parasol, some jewelry. Rebecca is not a simple porcelain doll. She is “haunted”. At least that’s how it was presented on the announcement … Read more

Guingamp – 60 years ago, the “haunted house” of Mousteru troubled the peaceful town

Guingamp 60 years ago the haunted house of Mousteru

January 1960, winter is in full swing in the city of Mousteru, plunged under a thick white coat. In this village, usually calm, some villagers challenge each other, others question themselves. In a neighborhood low mass, it is said that one of the houses in the town would be “haunted”. Sixty years ago, the Telegram … Read more

Why Flanders has become a land haunted by witches

Why Flanders has become a land haunted by witches

“Possessed of the evil spirit”. On February 26, 1659, a certain Jeanne Delecluse was condemned to “be strangled on the scaffold and burned”. We are in Merville, near Hazebrouck, in the North. It is one of the most resounding witchcraft trials of this time. On the occasion of Halloween, 20 minutes returns to these stories … Read more

This mysterious ghost that haunted the castle of Buzet in Lot-et-Garonne

This mysterious ghost that haunted the castle of Buzet in

Find all our archives on the castle of Buzet in Lot-et-Garonne Passed several times on the edge of the abyss, the castle then experienced a remarkable renaissance. Admittedly, it had narrowly escaped revolutionary fury, then popular condemnation after the 39-45 war, then Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer who wanted to burn it during a blockbuster in cinemascope, and finally … Read more

Hauts-de-Seine: the inhabitants of a “haunted” building request emergency rehousing

They wrote to the mayor of the commune on May 23 to inform them of the supernatural phenomena they claim to witness. A “ghost” would be the source of strange noises, shadows and lights but also illnesses. On May 23, a missive landed in the mailbox of the housing department of the town hall of … Read more