Online yoga learning is growing

Lately, more and more people are choosing to practice yoga online rather than going straight to the gym. A method that saves busy yogis time.

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“Although I have been doing indoor yoga for 10 years, now I prefer to practice it online. I cook every morning so I don’t have time to go to the gym”share Mme Kim Anh, 60 years old.

She is one of the practitioners in Truong Thi Hai Yên’s class, a yoga teacher with seven years of experience.

Friday morning, at the Maison des enfants on 7e district of Ho Chi Minh City, the class of Mme Yên has 18 participants in person and 10 online. From time to time, his course has about 40, some of which is online.

“As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, many people wanted to learn yoga but couldn’t go to class, so I had to create this online course. After the end of the pandemic, some practitioners, including Kim Anh, have combined the two forms of learning, others finding the online yoga class very convenient, decided to continue this way”, says the yoga teacher.

E-learning saves participants time. Indeed, all you need is a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet with an Internet connection, to follow the course regardless of where you are.

Both veterans and beginners love this method. Mme Nin Truong, a longtime yoga teacher, reveals that her online class targets people who don’t live nearby. For beginners, who encounter more difficulties, she must prepare individual training that allows them to have a follow-up.

Moreover, because of low self-confidence, some beginners practice directly with people who have more seniority. But now they are also choosing to study yoga online to improve themselves.

“These people take online courses to learn how to breathe, perform certain movements to perfect them before returning to class”notes Truong Thi Hai Yên.

A new experience

Online yoga learning is growing

Mme Thanh Nguyêt, who has practiced yoga for a long time, felt an exceptional feeling when performing this technique for the first time with his smartphone. “I switched to learning yoga online last year as I couldn’t go out due to social distancing measures. In the beginning, teachers and students had difficulties because we could not meet. But little by little, I got used to it. This new experience is very interesting”she says.

From his own experience, Nin Truong informs that e-learning has advantages but also many disadvantages “The camera on a tablet or phone often doesn’t capture the whole body. Therefore, it is difficult to observe all the movements. If I ask them to move away from the screen so I can see, they don’t listen to my instructions”informs Nin Truong.

Mme Hai Yên admits that “if online teaching is much more difficult than in class, with a lot of perseverance, we will improve this new way of doing things”.

Abandonment is sometimes possible when the student is alone and a loss of motivation is felt, which is quite infrequent when there is group work. Despite these challenges, learning yoga online is growing strongly. Yoga teachers are receiving more and more proposals. Mme Yên spends more and more time organizing her schedule to meet demands.

What should beginners pay attention to? ?

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“Yoga can become a double-edged sword. Indeed, if we practice correctly, it will bring us only good things, but on the contrary, if we practice a bad technique, the risk of injury is important. Therefore, beginners should be very careful”warns Nguyên Thi Hông Vân, teacher in Biên Hoà, province of Dông Nai, in the South.

Mme Hai Yên adds that beginners should go to class for a while and then switch to online learning. Otherwise, they should find experienced teachers for private training. Thus, they will be well guided and will do the poses correctly. She also advised reporting any health issues such as injury or illness. This demanding practice that is yoga requires a lot of patience before you start to perform.

Text: Nguyên Thi Vân Anh/CVN

Photos: Bao hoa/CVN

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Online yoga learning is growing

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