Batch. The Montcuq Jénisha NGO launches an online kitty for Nepal

Laura and Daniel Lartigue from the NGO Jenisha in Montcuq in the Lot. (©Actu Lot)

The NGO (non-governmental organization) Jenishabased in Lebreil, in the town of Montcuq-en-Quercy-Blanc in the Batchand chaired by Daniel Lartigue, continues, since the deadly earthquake of 2015, to support Nepalese families, with your help and the sponsorship of children up to 25 € per month (partly deductible from taxes).

This month of November 2022, three care campaigns have been organized by Jénisha around volunteers. In Pokhara, there were 270 adult consultations and 80 children, and in Nuwakhot, 150 adult consultations and around 100 children. The success of this operation can be explained by the precariousness of the Nepalese, and by the fact that healthcare is not free there.

A very active new volunteer for the NGO Jenisha de Montcuq

Daniel Lartigue and the NGO Jénisha had the chance to meet a new volunteer, who does not lack ideas. Laura Abdullahu, of Albanian origin, fled Kosovo at the age of 10. She has lived in France for 30 years now. Broker by profession, she loves travelling.

Attracted by the Nepal, she wanted to go there in a spiritual process, of meditation, but by being useful vis-à-vis the Nepalese people, by being a volunteer for associations. On the Facebook page “the French in Nepal”she explains her approach.

Following this publication, Daniel Lartigue entered into a relationship with her.

An online kitty

In view of her stay in Nepal, she created an online kitty, on helloasso “the-hummingbird-on-the-road-to-nepal”with the aim of raise €5,000 by early 2023.

The money will be used to finance the purchase of blankets to spend the winter, but also school supplies, care and hygiene products… Through this collection, Laura wishes to allow 250 Nepalese families to be warm. She will also sponsor, through Jénisha, a Nepalese child.

Videos: currently on Actu

Stay in Nepal at the beginning of 2023

She plans to go to Nepal, at the beginning of 2023, and stay there for a maximum of 3 months, including 3 weeks – 1 month, as a volunteer from Jénisha, where she will distribute the goods financed by online collection, in connection with the local referents, who will inform him of the needs village by village. His entire journey will be filmed and published on Jénisha’s Facebook page. She would like to make school children in France aware of the situation of their peers in Nepal.

On December 3, at the village hall of Lebreil, around an aperitif, a sale of Nepalese products was organized, with a view to acquiring blankets, school and hygiene supplies, for the stay of Laura Abdullahu, who will travel to Nepal alone, but with the support of Jénisha.


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Batch. The Montcuq Jénisha NGO launches an online kitty for Nepal

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