How do online casinos communicate with young people?

If online casinos had already been on the rise for a few months, many would like to attract a younger audience in order to find a second wind. It is with a well-rehearsed communication campaign that the major sites communicate by advancing arguments that speak to a younger audience.

An attractive game offer

The first argument that online casinos promote to better communicate with a younger audience, it is the diversity of the online games offer and also the renewal of stock. But it is above all the financial points of attraction that we will highlight at certain casinos which are developing loyalty programs with bonus offers and gifts like those found on mobile games like Boombeach. or Candy Crush Saga. On some platforms, they even offer “happy hours” with bonuses, free games or discounts on money deposits.

Casinos available on smartphones

The big argument for casinos to attract a younger audience is to have developed mobile applications to play from a smartphone. But what publishers are working on the most right now is on the user experience and in particular on the possibility of using immersive technologies such as augmented reality. to develop more engaging games. The attractiveness of casinos also depends on personalized communication as well as services adapted to each user.

Casinos that communicate through social networks and video platforms

To reach a particular segment of the public, you have to use the right channels, the right communication vectors. However, to reach a younger audience, it is essential to communicate on social networks as well as on online video sharing platforms. This may have caused some problems on certain platforms such as Twitch, which decided to ban online casino streams. Indeed, if the platform has authorized “glambling” streams for years, this type of content is regularly debated. At the center of the disputes, it is not the casinos, but certain users who are singled out. To make more views, some would not hesitate to lie about the real stakes and would pass over the amount of their losses in silence. Some streamers have even asked their fans for financial participation to maintain their addiction to games.

Casinos that highlight amenities

Young people are quite aware of the risks of betting on casinos not authorized by French law. Indeed, they are more concerned about piracy issues and seek above all to play on stable platforms. Less inclined to play games of chance, they turn instead to strategy games (which French law authorizes for licensed casinos).

Classic casinos like online casinos whose clientele is quite aging seek to attract younger profiles. For this, companies and game publishers had to adapt their marketing strategy and use the right communication channels. Now they are focusing their efforts on the user experience to offer more immersive games.

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How do online casinos communicate with young people?

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