Crypto-Astrology, Witchcraft And Magic Are Growing Niches In The Blockchain Industry

At midnight on Halloween last year, an online collective called the Crypto Coven launched a series of 3,333 code-generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They represent playful, pixelated witches who clash with the masculine energy of your typical NFT. Everyone has their own archetype – a seer, mage, occultist, etc. – and its astrological chart. A witch, … Read more

Yoga Studio Class Scheduling Software: Sharing, Demand And Top Growing Companies 2022-2030

The most obvious way to expand the Yoga Studio Class Scheduling Software market is to get more customers, strategic ways to reach other consumers or businesses are industry research, creation of sales support/channel, increasing customer interaction, attending networking events and forming strategic partnerships with other industries. Marketing Yoga Studio Class Planning Software involves selling your … Read more