A meeting to review the conservation status of mammals

A meeting to review the conservation status of mammals

A technical meeting to review the country’s mammal situations to update Vietnam’s Red Book to be published in 2023 was held on January 9-10, at Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve, District of Gia Viên, province of Ninh Binh (North). >> The beauty of Pù Luông in the season of ripe rice >> Discovery of many … Read more

Meeting with Nabilla: “I believe in destiny. Everything is written”

Meeting with Nabilla I believe in destiny Everything is written

His life and his career have an air of revenge. Victim of slut-shaming and misogyny in his early days, mocked for his – supposedly – lack of culture and reduced to the status of a cathodic sex symbol, Nabilla, 30, has become a woman of influence, followed by 8 million subscribers on Instagram and at … Read more

Meeting with the guardian angels of the small church of Cobrieux, open all summer in the North

Meeting with the guardian angels of the small church of scaled

Through Anne-Sophie Hourdeaux Published on 15 Aug 22 at 15:10 updated on August 16, 22 at 10:02 Lille News See my news Follow this media Rufin Cocheteux, Pascaline Lecouffe and Pierre Renard live in Cobrieux and keep their church alive, under the name Saint-Amand. (©AS Hourdeaux/ Northern Cross) If you don’t know Cobrieux, a small … Read more

Bad meeting or voluntary departure? The disappearance of Julie Michel still unresolved

Christmas and New Years Eve 5 initiatives so that no

The first episode of season 5 of Unsolved on RMC Story looks back on the disappearance of Julie Michel, 26, when she went on vacation by car in 2013. For his big comeback, Unsolved dedicates the first episode of its season 5 to the unresolved disappearance of Julie Michel, 26 years old. At the end … Read more

“Stay unmoved, I can’t do it”: meeting with two undertakers from Strasbourg

Stay unmoved I cant do it meeting with two undertakers

There are intriguing professions: room driver, cinema screen cleaner, verbicrucist… or undertaker. Precisely: how do those who encounter death on a daily basis apprehend it? How do we see life when we chain calls announcing deaths? How to accompany bereaved people without sinking with them? We went to the Funeral Homes of France in Strasbourg, … Read more

The Hatha Yoga Club Association held its general meeting – All free news in one click

On November 24, 2022, the Hatha Yoga Club Association gathered its General Assembly at the Maison des Associations around its President Marie-Christine De Carli and the full Board of Directors. The Hatha Yoga Club was founded over twenty years ago. Many members, faithful since the beginning, bear witness to the quality of the Association. Hatha … Read more

Relaxation, sport, meeting… A shared space for Dieppe hospital staff

Relaxation sport meeting… A shared space for Dieppe hospital staff

By Fabien Massin Published on 26 Nov 22 at 13:25 Dieppe Information See my news Follow this media The main room of the new shared location within the Dieppe hospital (Seine-Maritime) is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week for staff with badges. (©FM / Les Informations Dieppoises) The different staff of theDieppe … Read more

The imagined meeting of Rishi Sunak and Charles III

The imagined meeting of Rishi Sunak and Charles III

After his accession, there was often talk on social networks of the whims of His Recent Majesty. For example, she would demand that her socks be ironed before putting them on. The same thing was said of King Leopold II of the Belgians: he allegedly ordered that his newspapers be given to him before reading … Read more

The regional secretaries of the USFP are pleased with the quality of the debates that marked their meeting with the First Secretary

Riccardo Muti explains why the opera must assume its history

Coinciding with the political and social return to school, a crucial meeting bringing together the First Secretary of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces with the regional secretaries of the party, Saturday, September 17 in Casablanca. This meeting falls within the context of the laborious organizational dynamics at all levels of the party authorities, initiated … Read more

Batch. Meeting with Georges Jougla: “from a walker I became a pilgrim”

Batch Meeting with Georges Jougla from a walker I became scaled

By Writing Cahors Published on 7 Aug 22 at 7:32 Lot news See my news Follow this media Georges Jougla, a hiking enthusiast who went from walker to pilgrim. (©A. Décup / Actu Lot) There are thousands of adventurers setting off on the paths of France and the world. In the age of speed, the … Read more