A formation of the University of Strasbourg pointed in the report of fight against the sects

A formation of the University of Strasbourg pointed in the

The Mission of vigilance and fight against sects (Miviludes) denounces in its latest report the excesses of anthroposophy in education and medicine. The University of Strasbourg offering training in anthroposophical medicine, the Mission sees in it a result of the entryism of this current of thought. The University of Strasbourg likes to stand out. Here … Read more

PARADISE LOST + HANGMAN’S CHAIR @ Strasbourg (La Laiterie)

Scheduling a metal concert on a Monday in a provincial venue is daring. Even for such a big PARADISE LOST. To my great surprise, the Laiterie stage is in a wide configuration, with bleachers, and it is slowly filling up. It sweeps away my concern, we’re going to go up to 600 or 700 people … Read more

The healthy wine-growing tradition of the Hospices de Strasbourg

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Above all, make no mistake. To get to the cellar of the Hospices de Strasbourg, you have to go down a small staircase just before the entrance door to one of the many buildings of the public hospital and the faculty of medicine in the Alsatian capital. Otherwise, you end up in the admissions and … Read more

Maryline, the Strasbourg designer who puts witchcraft in her jewelry

Maryline the Strasbourg designer who puts witchcraft in her jewelry

Welcome / Strasbourg / Maryline, the Strasbourg designer who puts witchcraft in her jewelry Strasbourg by Charlie published on Sep 24, 2022 at 4:03 p.m. x Updated on Sep 26, 2022 at 6:20 p.m. Alsace is a region nourished by a multitude of legends of witches and mischievous creatures. Hills, stones or castles all have … Read more

Olivier Deichtmann: the mischievous illustrator who revisits the facades of Strasbourg

Olivier Deichtmann the mischievous illustrator who revisits the facades of

For centuries, Strasbourg is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists. From Tomi Ungerer to John Howe, his tireless curves have overcome thousands of pencils and paint tubes. And it is indeed our city full of resources that still feeds the work of Olivier Deichtmann, a local artist who has decided to place a little … Read more

Strasbourg. FARse: Street arts take over their neighborhood

130 artists and 80 performances: this 7th edition of the aptly named FARSe, for Street Arts Festival, has everything to seduce regulars and passers-by taken aback by the presence of a show around the corner. From August 13 to 15, 29 companies will sweep through Strasbourg city center and its surroundings. “Strasbourg also stands out … Read more

Summer artistic course – Strasbourg: date, times, prices

Summer artistic course Strasbourg date times prices

© Place arts and leisure Place Arts et Loisirs is a place of sharing with a single philosophy: Art. Through these arts, we really want to set up a meeting place between enthusiasts. The opportunity for artists to share their knowledge with curious enthusiasts. We have several modules to share these arts: There are courses … Read more

He searches our attics to create: meeting with Simon Jung, a jack-of-all-trades artist from Strasbourg

1650758342 He searches our attics to create meeting with Simon Jung

Favorite of the day: the collages of Strasbourg artist Simon Jung. In the category of artists who are underestimated because they are too discreet, we find this great curious jack-of-all-trades, who creates as much as he transforms, outside of trends. An artist designer with undeniable talent but a little disconnected from the networks, enough to … Read more