Meditation by Bishop Aveline given during the prayer vigil for the canonization of Charles de Foucauld – Catholic Church in France

“Let us look at the saints but do not dwell on them. Let us take advantage of their examples but without dwelling on them for long. Let us not seek to imitate them but, with them, to imitate Christ, who is the unique model”, wrote Charles de Foucauld. So let’s follow his advice. And let’s … Read more

What does the Church think of reincarnation? (3)

After the judgments of the Church, it remains to examine the various points of conflict between metempsychosis and Catholic dogma. This theory alone contradicts many of the Articles of Faith. The particular judgment Robert Laffont, director of the publishing house that bears his name, affirmed his belief in metempsychosis in the following terms: “Reincarnation is … Read more

Pope Francis proclaims Saint Irenaeus “Doctor of the Church”

Choosing a saint as a doctor of the Church is never the result of chance. The objective is less to honor the intellectual qualities of this or that exceptional figure than to offer the people of God a teaching capable of helping them to face the challenges of the present time. From the distance IIand … Read more