The regional secretaries of the USFP are pleased with the quality of the debates that marked their meeting with the First Secretary

Riccardo Muti explains why the opera must assume its history

Coinciding with the political and social return to school, a crucial meeting bringing together the First Secretary of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces with the regional secretaries of the party, Saturday, September 17 in Casablanca. This meeting falls within the context of the laborious organizational dynamics at all levels of the party authorities, initiated … Read more

SLIDESHOW – 14 couples who have marked reality TV in France

Royal Speech of July 30 Continue the construction of an

Loft Story, Temptation Island, Secret Story, Love is in the Meadowor more recently The people of Marseilles, these programs which for some were not intended to form couples have nevertheless been at the origin of a good number of love stories, which still last for some. Monday August 8, M6 returned to 20 years of … Read more