A meeting to review the conservation status of mammals

A technical meeting to review the country’s mammal situations to update Vietnam’s Red Book to be published in 2023 was held on January 9-10, at Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve, District of Gia Viên, province of Ninh Binh (North).

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Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve, Gia Viên District, Ninh Binh Province (North), has abundant flora and fauna.
Photo: VNA/CVN

The meeting is organized by the Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD), in collaboration with the Institute of Ecology and Protozoan Resources (IEBR). It brought together more than 30 conservation experts from Vietnam.

In the context of reduced and degraded natural habitats, wild animals are under great pressure from illegal hunting, trapping and trade. As a result, many species are in danger of extinction.

Therefore, it is very important to review and update the distribution and population status of species in order to classify their threat level in the Red Book, which is very important for giving warnings, taking and appropriate conservation measures and management regulations. The review activity saw the participation of national scientists, especially conservation organizations and research agencies, as well as universities in the country.

Nearly 100 species of mammals examined

According to Dr. Nguyên Manh Hà, director of the CCD, in this review, many mammal species have been elevated to a level of protection due to their small populations and shrinking habitats. These are species that suffer from the problem of poaching and habitat loss.

Specifically, of nearly 100 mammalian species reviewed, more than 50 have been upgraded to conservation status from the 2007 Red Book. dangerous), such as gibbons, some langurs, many species of felines, some otters and pangolins. Also, it is necessary to mention some species that have not been reported in the wild in the past 10-20 years such as tiger, leopard, wild buffalo, etc.

According to Pr.-Dr. Nguyên Quang Truong, responsible for the subject “Updating and creating a database of the Red List and the Red Book of Vietnam”, the project of updating the Red List and the Red Book of Vietnam is a project chaired by the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology.

Updating the Vietnam Red List and Red Book databases will provide a scientific basis for policy making, resource mobilization, investment attraction as well as international cooperation programs; will enforce the law on the conservation of biodiversity, species in particular“, he pointed out.

Assessing the technical session, Mr Truong said that over two days, the meeting mobilized expert knowledge, helping to update species information, with many advanced conservation proposals.


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A meeting to review the conservation status of mammals

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