Meeting with Nabilla: “I believe in destiny. Everything is written”

His life and his career have an air of revenge. Victim of slut-shaming and misogyny in his early days, mocked for his – supposedly – lack of culture and reduced to the status of a cathodic sex symbol, Nabilla, 30, has become a woman of influence, followed by 8 million subscribers on Instagram and at the head of a flourishing business. In a word: it is now its own medium. The Kim Kardashian Frenchwoman who marched for jean paul Gaultier and launched a successful beauty brand, now hosts a reality TV show on Prime Video, Cosmic Love. This is the third time that the one who has gone into exile in Dubai has collaborated with the platform for this program which promises candidates to find love thanks to the stars. On this occasion, the endearing idol of Gen Z confides in Number about love, astrology and magic.

What drew you to Cosmic Love ?

I love that it’s not just a dating-centric show, but that astrology is a big part of it. Everyone knows their astrological sign, and I think one out of two French people reads their horoscope, so everyone can recognize themselves in the program. We’ve all wondered:Do I get along with this sign ?”. When I was told about the concept, I immediately loved it because I am very interested in astrology. I do not read my horoscope every day, but I find it fascinating. There is, in the show, the “astro chamber” (a dome in which the candidates go to find out their affinities according to the stars), which is controlled by a confirmed astrologer who develops astral charts and reveals compatibilities. think that’s a really cool idea.

“Cosmic Love”, the new dating and astrology show from Prime Video

In Cosmic Love, the four main candidates, singles looking for love, can find a soul mate among suitors and suitors. Did this modernity speak to you?

I appreciate the fact that the contenders are very different from each other. One of them, Moon, is pansexual, another likes girls, like boys. I found this freedom of spirit brilliant. When I started in reality TV, it was very different. Gays were represented on screen through stereotypes. There, we are no longer in the clichés. The girls on the show are themselves. These are not caricatures. As a result, it’s very sincere and pleasant to watch as a show, especially when one of the girls has to choose between a man and a woman. Only feeling and love count.

You are a host on the show. Looking at the candidates, did it remind you of your beginnings in reality TV, when you were in their place, especially in Love is blind ?

It really took me back ten years. Sometimes the girls were scared, they couldn’t make their choice. They were full of doubts. And I was like, “But actually, that’s me ten years ago” What I find really good is that we came across girls who were honest in their approach. They really came looking for love. There are some who have suffered in the past because of experiences not top with boys. They participated in the show because they wanted to meet someone to make their life together. That’s why at the end of the show, the candidates make a promise to each other. It’s not a promise of marriage, but of life together, which I find nice and not “fake”.

You met love on reality TV sets. Did it make you nostalgic for when you started your love affair with Thomas Vergara, on the set of the show The angels of reality TVin Florida, in 2013?

Yes and no. Because there was a moment, at our beginnings, when the production forbade us from seeing each other. We couldn’t be together, we had to hide. I couldn’t fully live my relationship. The “forbidden” side can be vibrant, at first, but after six months, you’re tired of vibrating, you just want to be good.

Nabilla @ Instagram

Nabilla @ Instagram

“Aquariuses are loners who believe in their dreams. That’s all me.” Nabilla

There is a craze around astrology, tarot cards, stones and witchcraft. Eare you a fan of mysticism?

Yes, I’m a fan of all things mystical. I started loving the world of magic with Harry Potter, which I am a huge fan of. First I read all the books and then I saw the movies. I even went to London to visit the museum Harry Potter. I am “team” Gryffindor. Anything that revolves around magic appeals to me. After that I wouldn’t go so far as to summon the spirits, because that freaks me out a bit. But astrology is a good compromise between planets, stars and clairvoyance. It’s not a clairvoyant who will draw the cards (which doesn’t interest me), but a reading of the stars.

Why don’t you like having your cards drawn?

In fact, I don’t like being predicted too specific things, whether positive or, worse, negative like: “Next month someone’s gonna get sick.” And then often, clairvoyants also tell you how you can change what is going to happen. In astrology, it is much less precise.

You are Aquarius. Do the characteristic features of this sign resemble you?

Yes, I totally recognize myself. Aquarians are loners who believe in their dreams. Dreamers. It’s all me.

Eare you romantically compatible with your husband, who is of the sign of Virgo?

At the base, our two signs make sparks. But we have ascendants who are horned beasts (I am a Capricorn ascendant and he is an Aries ascendant), which makes us complementary. He is considered a rock that will support me in the trials of life, which has proven true. And then when we did our birth charts, the global view allowed us to understand a lot of things about our couple.

Nabilla @ Instagram
Nabilla @ Instagram

Nabilla @ Instagram

What astrological signs are your children, Milann and Leyann?

One of the two is Gemini, which is a sign I’m a fan of and know well because it’s my grandmother’s sign, which I adore. My other child is Aries, which is the ascendant of Thomas. I don’t know this sign well, so I’m learning to discover it. What’s nice is that the astrological signs give clues to their character.

Which zodiac sign are you suspicious of?

I have trouble with Scorpios. My father is Scorpio. It’s a sign that can be harsh.

Are you superstitious?

No, and what drives me crazy is that my darling is. The other time, my son opened an umbrella at our house, and since he is superstitious, he shouted: “Careful, don’t do this!“If there’s a ladder, he won’t get under it. If there’s a black cat, he’ll pull a hair out. I don’t care. If something bad happens to me, I wouldn’t pull a hair out for me.

Do you believe in fate?

Yes, I am convinced that everything is already written. We just have to live it. But I also think that by making the right choices, we can contribute to this destiny.

Is that Vdrunk in Dubai brings you luck?

Yes, it protects me. We can say what we want about this city, that it’s bling-bling, etc… But there is security and that, you can look for it in all the cities of the world, you won’t find it. Compared to my children, my husband and me, it is safer than elsewhere. We’re not Hollywood actors, but we still have things of value. And our children are our first “things” of value. So we don’t want someone with bad intentions to come into our house and steal things from us, like what happened at my wedding in Chantilly. They broke into my hotel and stole our belongings. It is not the theft in itself that poses the most problems – business, it goes, it comes – but the notion of intrusion. We feel violated in our privacy. People came home while my son was sleeping… It’s scary and I don’t want to be paranoid, so I’m going to live in places where I can sleep peacefully.

The trailer for “Cosmic Love” (2023), available on Prime Video

“There are a lot of things you can forgive, but infidelity is dead.” Nabilla

In Cosmic Loveyou are like a grown up sister for single applicants. What advice would you give to those looking for love?

I would say don’t be too perfectionist by focusing on details. Some people, when they meet someone, say to themselves:So, he ticks several boxes: the physique is good, the kindness is good, but he has no humor. You have to accept people as they are and not want perfection at all costs. With my husband, we don’t agree on everything. We match on a lot of things because we grew up together. But if you’re 30, and you haven’t grown up with the person, and you’re like, “He’s fine, but he doesn’t have nice hands“It’s going to be complicated. I have friends who have already thrown bullshit at me like: “Ihe is great but he is missing 3 centimeters“I’m talking about the size, of course (laughs)… It’s not possible to have everything. And we shouldn’t believe that it’s better elsewhere and start kicking people out of our lives because ‘we think we’ll find better. Because, no, you’re not going to find better elsewhere…

You are a social media star, followed by more than 8 million people on Instagram. Is this application dangerous for couples, by promoting jealousy?

No, because in our case with Thomas, everyone knows we’re a couple and if we look at our feeds, our kids are everywhere. So it’s rare that someone comes in my private messages to say to me: “Hey Hello ! Would you like a drink ” Before getting there, he sees that there are forty barriers and that it will never happen. Afterwards, when you have just gotten into a relationship, Instagram can be a problem. You just have to have confidence in the other.

Do you ever receive private messages from famous people who want to flirt with you?

No, I swear. I show my family so much that I think they’re like, “So, this one, she’s very pretty, but it’s going to be complicated.”

What is your definition of love?

Complicity (I didn’t say complexity), respect, honesty and, above all, loyalty. Because there are many things you can forgive, but infidelity is dead.

The first episodes of Cosmic Love are live on Prime Video.

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Meeting with Nabilla: “I believe in destiny. Everything is written”

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