The regional secretaries of the USFP are pleased with the quality of the debates that marked their meeting with the First Secretary

Riccardo Muti explains why the opera must assume its history

Coinciding with the political and social return to school, a crucial meeting bringing together the First Secretary of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces with the regional secretaries of the party, Saturday, September 17 in Casablanca. This meeting falls within the context of the laborious organizational dynamics at all levels of the party authorities, initiated … Read more

Horoscope: here is the main quality of each astrological sign

Horoscope here is the main quality of each astrological sign

Daring, joyful, sociable, courageous… Each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac has a quality that differentiates it from the others. Here is the one associated with each native, according to astrocoach Nathalie Marcot. Aries: Bold Fire sign, Aries is bold and courageous, says the specialist, also an expert in inner connection and relationship. He’s … Read more