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The Method of Manifestation of the Law of Hypothesis

From the script to the Whisper method, it looks like TikTok has a manifestation technique for everyone. And while you can’t really talk about manifesting without mentioning the law of attraction, TikTok’s latest manifestation trend challenges us to take our practice one step further – assuming our aspirations have already come true and it was … Read more

This simple method that brings love and money creates the buzz… The 369 manifestation would change people’s lives and make their dreams come true

Ask the universe what you want and it will give it to you. It’s a bit of a whirlwind that’s taking TikTok right now with the method 369 demonstration. Behind these three numbers and this word is a most mystical concept of personal development. Highlighted by Karin Yee, YouTuber at the head of the channel … Read more

6 manifestation techniques unearthed on TikTok to achieve your dreams

These days, if every time you open TikTok you come across a protest video, you’re not alone! For more than a year, this spiritual technique has been gaining in popularity. At the time of this writing, the hashtag expression has over 10 billion views on TikTok. • Read also: Discover your love compatibility according to … Read more

“The fear of sorcerers is very often the manifestation of a lack of faith”

The fear of sorcerers is very often the manifestation of

matter of faith BOOK. Father Ferdinand Komenan Kouadio, is a priest of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (Pime), currently on mission in the diocese of Treviso in Italy. He just published Questions and answers on witchcrafta book that summarizes several years of pastoral experience in Africa and North America. La Croix Africa: What is … Read more