reincarnations that lack consistency (in UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and VOD)

reincarnations that lack consistency in UHD Blu ray DVD and VOD

Artistic note: (2.5/5) Synopsis A man haunted by what he believes to be hallucinations discovers they are actually memories from his two previous lives. He tries to integrate a secret society born a hundred years ago and composed only of people who remember their past lives and use this knowledge to influence history… • Original … Read more

In the Hérault, a theme park project failed for lack of environmental authorization

The “Mediterranean Gardens”: under this engaging name, the Hérault departmental council plans to open to the public, on around thirty hectares, at the gates of Béziers, spaces with Greek or tropical plant atmospheres, with a bamboo grove , a “sacred wood » of oaks or even a labyrinth made up of vines. At the Bayssan … Read more

“The fear of sorcerers is very often the manifestation of a lack of faith”

The fear of sorcerers is very often the manifestation of

matter of faith BOOK. Father Ferdinand Komenan Kouadio, is a priest of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (Pime), currently on mission in the diocese of Treviso in Italy. He just published Questions and answers on witchcrafta book that summarizes several years of pastoral experience in Africa and North America. La Croix Africa: What is … Read more