6 manifestation techniques unearthed on TikTok to achieve your dreams

These days, if every time you open TikTok you come across a protest video, you’re not alone!

For more than a year, this spiritual technique has been gaining in popularity. At the time of this writing, the hashtag expression has over 10 billion views on TikTok.

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First, what is manifestation?

Also called the law of attraction, manifestation is the act of encouraging the universe to make our dreams come true through thought. This follows the principle of “you attract what you release”.

According to this spiritual belief, by thinking, visualizing or even writing down what we desire, we can have the power to obtain something that we have wanted for a long time.

What can we manifest?

On TikTok, some people decide to manifest an ideal romantic partner, a dream job, an amount of money, or even beauty.

On the other hand, we must be careful since some people who have tried to manifest something with bad intentions say they have seen the opposite action of realizing…

Here are 6 techniques to try:


A very popular technique on TikTok, this one is as simple as anything. It aims to write the object of our desire, the intention, then the action, 3, 6 and 9 times during the day.

Let’s say you want to have an interview at the local coffee shop to work there, you start your day by writing “The local coffee shop” 3 times on a sheet of paper. Then, in the afternoon, you write “I want to work at the local café” 6 times and, finally, in the evening, you write “I am going to have an interview tomorrow” 9 times.

Some people repeat the exercise until the dream comes true, while others say it needs to be done for 33 consecutive days for it to work.

2. 5X55

Quite similar, this technique promises that your desire will come true in 5 days. According to numerology, 5 is the number of change and learning.

Once you have chosen your affirmation, then add gratitude to it. For example: “I am proud to have passed my history exam”, or “I appreciate having a date with Bobby this weekend.

Every morning, as soon as you wake up, write down your affirmation 55 times, for 5 consecutive days. Try to stay focused on your affirmation while writing, and think only positive thoughts.

3. Visualization

This fairly simple technique is somewhat similar to meditation. In a comfortable position, sit down, then focus on what you desire. Try to imagine your goal or dream as clearly as possible.

If you want to travel to Mexico for example, try to imagine the beach, the smell, the sun on your skin, the wind, the salt in your hair… then repeat every day! You can combine this technique with another and associate your visualization with an affirmation (“I’m going to travel to Mexico by the end of the year”) that you repeat.

4. The vision board

Popular since the release of the book The secret by Rhonda Byrne in 2006, this technique resembles that of visualization. She aims to create a painting that represents our dream life. This can be virtual (hello, Pinterest!) or physical and created either by a collage or even a drawing.

For your chart to be effective, it must be accurate. Choose a theme, such as travel, success, friendship or even love. Then you need to interact with the board as often as possible! It is therefore recommended to put it in your room or in front of your desk, or even as your cellphone wallpaper to see it every day.

5. The 2 glasses

Also called the quantum jumping, this technique may seem far-fetched at first sight. It is based on the theory that there are several dimensions in the universe, and that we could eventually travel from one to another.

To perform this technique, you will need two glasses, one filled with water, and the other empty. A pencil and two pieces of paper will also be needed. Start by labeling the two glasses. The full glass represents your present situation (for example, “I am single”), and the empty glass your desired situation “I am in a relationship with Bobby”).

To manifest the desired reality, start with a little meditation during which you think hard about your present situation, then what you want. Then, flow the water from the first glass into the second, imagining the desired reality. Take a moment to visualize what you want, then drink the water. When the ceremony is over, get rid of the first drink etiquette, since this reality is doomed to disappear soon!

6. 7X7X7

Another very popular technique on TikTok, this one is similar to the 5 X 55 technique and the 369 technique. To achieve it, you must write 7 times the object of your desire, (“Bobby”), the intention ( “Bobby wants to go out with me”), then the action (“Bobby is going to invite me to dinner tomorrow”).

After writing everything 7 times in the morning, you can write a short text summarizing what you want, and thanking the universe for wanting to make it all happen. Repeat the exercise in the evening for 7 consecutive days.

Good demonstration!

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6 manifestation techniques unearthed on TikTok to achieve your dreams

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