This simple method that brings love and money creates the buzz… The 369 manifestation would change people’s lives and make their dreams come true

Ask the universe what you want and it will give it to you. It’s a bit of a whirlwind that’s taking TikTok right now with the method 369 demonstration. Behind these three numbers and this word is a most mystical concept of personal development.

Highlighted by Karin Yee, YouTuber at the head of the channel Choosing Gratitudethe 369 demonstration is taken from a secret key of inventor Nikola Tesla. He was able to picture his inventions so clearly in his mind, it was almost holographic. The technique also joins the principle of the best-selling book The Secretby Rhonda Byrne, later adapted into a hit documentary.

Transposed into personal development, the method 369 demonstration consists in visualizing in the depths of our being desires and objectives in order to concretize them. It is a question of activating the law of attraction according to which our thoughts have a direct link with reality. This focus is reflected in our daily lives. Thus, it is possible to shape our life, attract positive things and realize dreams by imagining that we already have them. To summarize: the manifestation consists in setting up an attention on a wish. This attention is accompanied by an intention translated by a clear vision. This intention is put at the service of this wish which will come true. We therefore use the present moment to manifest a project, a love, a gain of money… So that it will be realized in the future.

It is not surprising to see this method develop in times of pandemic. It is a way of taking back control of our lives while we are mired in uncertainty. So this is personal development that almost mixes magic and psychology, to ensure a better and positive future.

The 369 manifestation method in detail

This process of manifestation takes place against the backdrop of numerology. Certain digits and numbers are said to have power, so they are not chosen at random. The association is highly symbolic: the 3 represents the Holy Trinity, a connection to the source, to the universe. The 6 embodies inner strength. The 9 transcends love, enlightenment, self-confidence.

When the wish and the vision are clear, all that remains is to follow this process:

  • Write the name of the wish three times
  • Write the intention six times
  • Write the action nine times

The process ends with positive affirmations. There are multiple variations. Anyway, the method is to be applied during a moment of calm, serenity, peace, trust and deep gratitude. It is about dreaming into reality in detail. One can imagine the feelings, the feelings, the joy provided when the wish will come true. Words should be worded positively. We sweep away anxiety and banish formulations such as “I don’t want to anymore” or “I want to”. We take a good resolution by betting on a word such as “I have”.

The manifestation is like a muscle that we want to shape. It is a work of endurance and the method is acquired over time. You have to go gradually. The effects will only be seen if you believe it can happen. If you start from the outset defeatist, accompanied by negative thoughts, there is little chance that this will happen.

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This simple method that brings love and money creates the buzz… The 369 manifestation would change people’s lives and make their dreams come true

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