Discover the “manifestation by orgasm”, an unusual method to achieve your goals

Manifesting one’s aspirations has become a popular approach for those who believe in the power of attraction. On TikTok, a variant offers a special time to make requests to the universe.

Ucash flow, a new job, a soul mate AND an orgasm? We say yes, yes, yes! In any case, this is what this new method promises to attract good in your life. The tiktoker known as @HotHighPriestess was one of the first to tell her followers about this means of “manifesting”. In the spiritual realm, manifesting something is like trusting the law of attraction. According the beliefs, we attract what we feel through vibrations. Must therefore address our requests in the form of affirmations to the universe, so that it brings us what we are looking for. But for @HotHighPriestess, manifesting your cravings at any time is less effective than at a specific time. And that perfect moment is when orgasm climax.

“You literally open a portal into the universe”

“It is potentially the most powerful method to manifest”, begins the tiktokeuse at the beginning of her video, spotted by the magazine Glamour. If the “’O’ method” makes it possible to achieve all our objectives, the specialist in the question believes that it is especially effective when it comes to desires in connection with love. “When you have fun alone or with someone else, at the peak of your orgasm, you will vibrate at a very high level, at frequencies that are difficult to access, explains the videographer. This energy is so powerful. It creates life, so when you tap into it, you literally open a portal into the universe to create your manifestation.” To achieve this, it suffices to “visualize” what you aspire to, as if you already have it and that you “look to the future”.


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If psychologist Mark Travers explains for Forbes that “visualization and affirmations are valuable tools for self-improvement” and recalls the studies on the benefits of visualization in athletes to improve their performance, it is necessary to remain vigilant according to him.

It is important not to see manifestation as an “effortless way to improve” and not to believe that the course of life depends only on external factors. In addition, a study published in Psychological Bulletin revealed that a well-defined goal makes us more likely to devote all our energy to it. So, during orgasm or not, Mark Travers advises to manifest goals that meet five criteria: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. But if you want to keep believing in your orgasms, who are we to stop you?

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Discover the “manifestation by orgasm”, an unusual method to achieve your goals

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