Charente-Maritime: these men and women who have decided to change jobs and lives

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Profiles marked by a fed up with their… Profiles marked by a fed up with their professional situation and even, for some, affected by a burn-out. Repair hearts, bodies, minds and boost self-esteem to bounce back better. This is one of Hervé’s missions. “The idea being that taking stock of your professional and personal life … Read more

Vacances en voiture électrique : 6 ans après notre premier voyage en Tesla, tout a changé

Vacances en voiture electrique 6 ans apres notre premier

2016, 2022 : 6 ans séparent deux road trips en Tesla. On vous raconte tout ce qui a changé — pour le meilleur et pour le pire. En 2016, nous étions l’un des premiers médias français à prendre Tesla au sérieux. La presse auto boudait ces voitures qui ne font pas vroom, la presse généraliste … Read more

Mindfulness meditation does not change the structure of the brain

THE ESSENTIAL Mindfulness meditation is an anti-stress practice that involves focusing on the present moment and environment. No change in the brain structure of those who practice it is visible on MRI Science does not validate the effects of mindfulness meditation! Sold as a very effective recipe against stress, this practice, according to a study … Read more

Inclusive marketing at Victoria’s Secret: the angels give the change

The underwear brand, regularly accused of promoting a stereotypical image of women and which lost 3.8 million customers between 2017 and 2019, is continuing its rebranding campaign by highlighting women with different physique and backgrounds, including a model with Down syndrome. If we had a bad mind, we would think that Victoria’s Secret really has … Read more

Katie Holmes wants to change our lives in the adaptation of the book The Secret

Katie Holmes wants to change our lives in the adaptation

We don’t see Katie Holmes too much lately and that’s a shame. Well yes, we liked her and she was promised a brilliant career before she married Tom Cruise and was crushed. But, as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Finally, it seems. If you’re like us, you spend a lot of … Read more

This simple method that brings love and money creates the buzz… The 369 manifestation would change people’s lives and make their dreams come true

Ask the universe what you want and it will give it to you. It’s a bit of a whirlwind that’s taking TikTok right now with the method 369 demonstration. Behind these three numbers and this word is a most mystical concept of personal development. Highlighted by Karin Yee, YouTuber at the head of the channel … Read more

New research shows no evidence of structural brain change with short-term mindfulness training Psychology and Psychiatry News

In the middle of the 20th century, new evidence showed that the brain could be “plastic” and that experience could create changes in the brain. Plasticity has been linked to learning new skills, including spatial navigation, aerobic exercise, and balance training. Still, the question of whether mindfulness interventions, such as meditation, can alter brain structure … Read more

Hoomkid: the audio book that will change the daily lives of children

Hoomkid the audio book that will change the daily lives

Children’s sleep is essential and contributes greatly to their well-being and development. It must therefore be of high quality. If your child has difficulty falling asleep, we strongly advise you to try Hoomkid from Livlab. This audio book, without waves or screen, focused on well-being, guides the little ones step by step to the arms … Read more