Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, open world flight, dark magic, magical creatures and Room of Requirement in 34 minutes of gameplay

Game particularly awaited by fans of the saga Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is expected in only two months and still keeps many secrets within the walls of his castle. Last month, Avalanche Software had broadcast a first presentation of gameplay lasting 45 minutes centered on avatar creation, combat and castle exploration. If you want to know more, that’s good, because the operation will be repeated this week.

A second gameplay showcase will therefore be broadcast this Wednesday, December 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the presence of game director Alan Tew, the Systems Designer Mekenzy Toner, from Community Manager Chandler Wood and Community Host Ben Snow, and will show us this time broomstick flight (there will be a reminder no Quidditch), different options for traversing the environment, a deeper look at combat, and an introduction to the Room of Requirement. You can follow everything via the video stream below before we offer a written summary of the elements that will have been mentioned.

Update : the presentation of the day, long 34 minutestherefore begins outside of Hogwarts, for broomstick flying through the open world. A gauge will empty and refill depending on whether we are flying up or down, the excuse being that the brush technology at the time was not the same, then still in development. To Hogsmeade, a store will sell different purely cosmetic brooms, but by helping the merchant we will also get improvements to fly higher. Without it, we will move quite close to the ground, favoring exploration. In addition to the iconic village of the license, some hamlets of Highlands of Scotland will also be inhabited by wizards, a creative freedom allowing to propose various opportunities of gameplay including quests, challenges and puzzles, with useful rewards for completing them.

In addition to the broom, we can also ride a mount such as theonyx hippogriffable to fly and move on the ground. The open world promises to be vast and varieda swamp being seen, and will open up to us quite early in the adventure, but some areas will be more difficult than others. The passing of the seasons will serve as a narrative marker throughout the storylike in the books and movies, with snow covering the vegetation in the example shown, and it will feel up to Hogwarts. In addition to that, a day-night cycle will impact the presence of NPCs and objects to collect in the environment.

The second part of the video is centered on the clashes. It is in the forbidden forest than the black magic battle arena included in the edition Deluxe was shown (yes, that’s really content removed from the base game to sell separately…), as well as a Thestral. Two combat arenas are still present for all players, each with its own set of challenges to overcome in order to win cosmetic content. All the Unforgivable Spells (Avada Kedavra, sore and Impero for their incantations) will be accessible regardless of our version, precisely usable within this arena as a preview. Obviously, since it kills in one hit, the first one on the list takes a while to recharge.

The key R1 (or equivalent) will be used to cast an ancient magic spell that draws an object to us and then casts it at an enemy, while L1 + R1 will hurt him according to his nature, with a linked gauge with combos, the one in blue at the bottom of the screen. In addition to that, tools can be brought, with on one side potions (rocky skin for defense, Wiggenweldconcentration to accelerate the recovery of spells…) and on the other side plants (Poisonous Tentacle as a turret, mandrake to stun…). Cursing several characters will also be possiblewho will then share the same fate, killing one annihilating them all.

Finally, the third segment was devoted to the Room of Requirement highly customizablestarting with its architecture with several themes available. We can summon objects there (tables, carpets, statues and other decorations)as well as changing the color and size of furniture, and placing it freely. Equipment will have a rarity system by color as in many games now (Stunning, Extraordinary, Legendary), with attributes to be added via a loom to personalize them, the appearance and the properties being thus separated. However, some resources will be needed, from magical creatures.

And justly, a large “outdoor” space is integrated into the room, dedicated to those we have collected (Gracornhorn, Calfofthemoon, Niffler, blooper…), because poachers hunt them. Various interactions will be possible with it, including making toys appear for them to have fun, and we can name them. And there again, decorations will transform the places in our image, with trees in particular. All these systems are not there to just offer more features, everything is interconnected with narrative ideas behind them. At last, a teaser has been released, showing our character being sucked into a book

As a reminder, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is expected on February 10, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Several editions are offered for sale, in particular at the Fnac from €69.99. On PS4 and Xbox, you will have to wait until April 4, while Switch players will be served last on July 25, as we learned this Tuesday afternoon.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, open world flight, dark magic, magical creatures and Room of Requirement in 34 minutes of gameplay

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