Notice to insomniacs: a little magic box invites itself to the hotel

The news will delight insomniac travelers. Morpheus, the funny sleep box which has already won over 500,000 users, is moving into the hotel with an optimized version.

What could be more essential when you treat yourself to a hotel stay than the guarantee of a good night’s sleep… The Royal Champagne hotel, nearEpernayunderstood this well, having recently launched a Royal Sleep offer in partnership with the Aime brand (for the candle massage, the Sleeping Beauty mocktail and the pillow mist with essential oils), with dinner specially designed to promote digestion and falling asleep and, in the bedroom, a funny little box available on the bedside table: Morpheus.

For those who already know this little gem of simplicity and efficiency, the article is well established. Morphée promises rest, relaxation and ultimately, a restful sleep. And it works, even for nighttime awakenings. Its inventors, Charlie Rousset and Guillaume Barathon made it one of the most beautiful success story French since its launch in October 2018 in its consumer version. Today, Morphée is sold in all major brands, has more than 500,000 users, is present in ten countries and has two subsidiaries in Hong Kong and to United States.

Meditation sessions and immersive journeys

His adventure began in 2016, thanks to a roommate that brought together the young Charlie, experienced in sophrology, and Guillaume, a follower of meditation after several years spent in Asia. An agreement around the benefits of these techniques, an observation (4 million French people suffer from insomnia, a phenomenon increased by the stress of modern life) and the certainty that an alternative remains to be developed in parallel with the very buoyant market of apps “well-being” (Petit Bambou, Calm, etc.): thus was born Morphée, “a radically different approach to those intrusive connected app concepts, which force you to keep your smartphone near the bed and require the use of subscriptions”explains Charlie Rousset.

After having developed with sophrologists, sleep centers and a musician, its sleep aid programs (meditation sessions with breathing and body scanning workshops; immersive journeys, sounds of nature and soft music), remained to imagine its design. Again, bet held. With its large keys reminiscent of music box winders and its soft shapes, Morphée is also a beautiful, comforting object. After the child and nomadic versions, the Aix-based start-up has just launched a preview at the Château de Fonscolombe, the Auberge Basque and the Royal Champagne of its Morphée Hôtel & Spa box, still 100% disconnected and without a screen, integrating the best of its programs. A new market to conquer to the delight of travellers.

Morphee Hotel & Spa : 16 sessions of 20 minutes, 4 themes. Available in 4 languages.

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Notice to insomniacs: a little magic box invites itself to the hotel

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