Every Movie and Title in the Franchise, Ranked | Pretty Reel

Every Movie and Title in the Franchise Ranked Pretty

The omen. The very name strikes fear into familiar viewers. The iconic original film from Superman director Richard Donner is a dark tale about the rise of the Antichrist via a young boy. The film was one of the scariest of its time, and it still manages to scare even the most grizzled horror dog. … Read more

Every Anthony Hopkins Horror Movie Ranked From Worst To Best | Pretty Reel

Every Anthony Hopkins Horror Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins starred in a wide variety of scary horror films before and after playing the role of Hannibal Lecter. With a record of countless nominations, there’s no denying that Hopkins is one of Hollywood’s most talented actors. The Welsh star is recognized around the world for his milestones in horror, a … Read more

15 Best Time Travel K-Dramas, Ranked (According To IMDb) – GameSpot

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Time travel always adds a level of fun and intrigue to any TV show when drama from the past or future intertwines with the present. This is often seen in sci-fi TV shows and movies and even K-dramas and there are countless binge-watching shows that titillate fans with time travel themes. For K-dramas, the past … Read more

The 10 Best Witchcraft Movies, Ranked By IMDb – CNET – ApparelGeek

With The man from the north putting the witches back in the spotlight, the witch has always been part of the history of cinema. The endless possibilities of their powers make witches one of the most interesting characters in movie history, and many of these movies have evoked magic from critics. It doesn’t matter if … Read more