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Tabletop gamers will be eagerly awaiting the film adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves, which will be released in 2023. Although the classes of the characters involved in the campaign have not yet been revealed, there will surely be a wizard among them considering how iconic the role is.

Those familiar with Dungeons & Dragons will know that there are a few magic items that can give a wizard an edge in the campaign. A good wizard ensures that not only does he benefit from these items, but that the group as a whole is enhanced by what he brings to the table.

Archmage Robe

Players know that clothing in the tabletop experience is so important to showcasing a character. Sorcerers are known for their flowing robes, but the Archmage’s Robe is a legendary magic item that can usually be obtained near the end of a campaign.

With a +15 increase in Armor Class and a higher chance of save rolls when defending against various spells, the robe is perfect for defending against some particularly nasty sorcery attacks. Additionally, the spell attack bonus also increases to add to the wizard’s power.

Enduring Spellbook

Spellbooks are an essential part of a wizard’s arsenal in Dungeons & Dragons and allow the user to cast a wider range of magic. For those who want to be able to adapt as a campaign progresses, knowledge of a spellbook is a big plus in the argument for carrying the item.

While a wizard is one of the best magical classes, even they can’t save their spell books from being ruined. However, a durable spellbook means no damage can be done to the item. Fire and water damage is non-existent and the item does not age.

Staff of Mages

Wands are a natural part of a wizard’s setup, but failing that, a staff is also very useful. Although it can be used as an attack, with the wizard wielding it with blunt force, the Staff of Mages is far more powerful than most other magic items in Dungeons & Dragons.

It allows a +2 to attacks and damage rolls, it grants some spell absorption becoming a useful mode of defense, and on top of that it brings a range of spells that players can use for an action. It’s more efficient than other D&D staffs.

Language understanding bar

Some objects really do exactly what they say, and the Helm of Comprehending Languages ​​is pretty self-explanatory. Often throughout a campaign, players will fail their knowledge checks and be unable to access crucial information because it is in a different language.

Wearing the helm will allow a wizard to have full access to these other dialects. When reading so many spellbooks, this can be vital, as no information is forbidden, simply because the standard language the wizard is used to is not available.

Spell storage ring

The rules surrounding the Ring Of Spell Storage are complex and require additional research by Dungeon Masters to fully understand how it can be used in combat, how it levels up, and what types of spells can be stored inside. However, the basic notion is that wizards can carry additional spells with them.

When casting a spell using the Spell Storage Ring, it takes up one slot and one action, but the device can go up to the 5th spell level. Once the spell is cast, it can’t be used again, so it’s wise to hold onto the spell for as long as possible.

witchcraft hat

No matter what race or class someone plays in, they will feel much more like a wizard once they put on the wizarding hat. Although it may sound a bit silly, the wizard hat is a great way to increase a wizard’s power and feel the role that does it.

The hat comes with a few useful additions, including increased focus when casting a spell, making it more effective, as well as the ability to cast a spell that may not have originally been in the hat. arsenal of a wizard. It’s a pretty versatile item that can be accessed earlier in the game.

Barrier Tattoo

Sorcerers are sometimes a bit weaker in armor and defense. While in terms of attack they are versatile due to their adaptable spells, sometimes shield incarnations just aren’t enough. Luckily, there is a tattoo to fix all of that.

The barrier tattoo is a constant inscription that provides an extra layer of mystical defense to a wizard wherever he goes. The armor class the tattoo grants the user depends on the rarity of the tattoo, with some AC reaching highs of 18.

Absorption Stick

It might be unpopular to say, but Wizards are one of the best classes due to how well they can turn the tide of battle. The Absorption Staff is a perfect example. While a wizard is holding the item, any spell cast in its path will be absorbed up to a certain level.

Once full, the Absorb Rod can no longer be used, so it’s definitely a Dungeons & Dragons item that should be used tactically. However, the magic inside the rod can also be reused if the dungeon master allows it, weaponizing sorcery.

Invisibility Cloak

There are certain items in Dungeons & Dragons that force players to think about specific franchises, and it’s hard to ignore that the Invisibility Cloak could be a brilliant piece of gear to use in a Harry Potter build. Anyway, for campaign purposes, it’s pretty neat.

There are ways to detect the wearer, especially based on the level of the robe and the sight rating of the enemy. However, for the most part, this fantastic cloak allows the user to become completely invisible, as long as they are absolutely covered.

Tome of the Soothed Tongue

Some items make spell casting much easier for wizards and the Tome of the Stilled Tongue is one of them. But it’s not for the faint of heart. The book contains some particularly dark magics and even allows users to communicate with daemons and daemons from Dungeons & Dragons.

Dark forces are in play here with bonus actions granted to cast some of the spells in the tomes. It’s a dangerous book to use, but the way it boosts a player character’s stats and plays into D&D lore and villainous Vecna ​​is brilliant for expanding a campaign’s story.

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Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Best Magic Items For Wizards | Pretty Reel

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