VIDEO. A train, an ice floe, automatons… All the magic of Christmas in a magical house in Lalbenque

VIDEO A train an ice floe automatons All the magic

the essential Santa Claus exists in Lalbenque! The man with the long white beard has taken up residence in the house of Philiippe and Denise. A house like no other where you can find the children’s idol, his sleigh, his reindeer, a giant bubble with automatons, Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, a giant nativity … Read more

Rochefort: no ice rink but daily Christmas entertainment from December 9

Rochefort no ice rink but daily Christmas entertainment from December

The fact remains that the absence of ice will leave a young Rochefortaise orphan and slightly worried traders. “It’s true that with its 25,000 admissions, the ice rink generated significant commercial benefits, notes Gérard Pons. The manager of a famous sports brand told me that it brought him, over the period, 30% of customers from … Read more

Which Ice Cream Flavor to Choose According to Your Zodiac Sign | BPD Moms

Remember this list the next time you don’t know which flavor to choose! In summer, there is nothing better than a good ice cream to cool off and have fun! On the other hand, we don’t always know which flavor appeals to us the most once we get to the dairy counter… To remedy this … Read more