Jazz: ‘Carla in appearance is cute, but behind her is very bad’

Leah Remini actrice et ex membre de la scientologie denonce Critiquer

After four years of absence in reality TV, except their own program, the JLC Family is back on TFX! In this innovative program, Jazz, Laurent and their friends have decided to fight against another famous family, the Guedj. In preview, the first two episodes of The Battle of the Clans came out on TF1 Max, … Read more

The 1st Jazz Marathon Day in Vienna proves to be a success – Living in cities

The 1st Jazz Marathon Day in Vienna proves to be

It will be understood, the objective of Jazz in Vienna this year was to reconnect full pot with the city center. To no longer ensure that there is no longer a break between the ancient theater and the rest of the city, as was sometimes the case in the past. It began after two years … Read more

Jazz: Anne Paceo, a shaman full of energy behind her drums

Jazz Anne Paceo a shaman full of energy behind her

Anne Paceo, in 2021, in Paris. DRUMZZZ ASSOCIATION Very physical on stage, with a smile on her face and an implacable strike, unable to completely disappear behind her drums, Anne Paceo calls into play her successes and her rewards, with each appearance. At 37, she has clearly asserted herself in a few years. “ Music … Read more

Between jazz and creolity, the writer Patrick Chamoiseau invites Baudelaire

Between jazz and creolity the writer Patrick Chamoiseau invites Baudelaire

The Martinican writer Patrick Chamoiseau, in collaboration with the French musician Raphaël Imbert, publishes a poetic and musical meditation entitled “Baudelaire Jazz”. Meeting between an author in love with what beauty transcends and a spiritual saxophonist. On the occasion of the poet’s 200th birthday, the Musée d’Orsay invited Patrick Chamoiseau in residence to celebrate Charles … Read more

The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of Boddhi Satva

The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of

The English jazz group and the Franco-Central African DJ present their next albums to us. A WIND FROM ELSEWHERE In this Neo Geo, Un Vent d’Ailleurs blows from Kinshasa (DRC). Olivier Mukiandi tells us about the fifteenth edition of the JazzKif Festivalan event to be held on June 18 at theFrench Institute – Halle de … Read more

“Baudelaire Jazz”: Chamoiseau dances with Baudelaire

“Baudelaire Jazz. Poetic and musical meditations with Raphaël Imbert”, by Patrick Chamoiseau, Seuil, 144 p., with a QR code giving access to the album “Baudelaire Jazz”, by Raphaël Imbert, €17, digital €12. Since he turned away from the novel, in the mid-2000s, Patrick Chamoiseau has written unclassifiable texts, where the intimate and the political, thought … Read more

INTERVIEW. Fred Hersch, un héros très discret du piano jazz, en son jardin au Bal Blomet, à Paris

Il a l’air d’un étudiant qui n’aurait pas vu les années filer. Mais derrière sa silhouette frêle et ses yeux étonnés, se cache non seulement un virtuose qui bâtit une œuvre splendide loin des paillettes du star system, mais aussi un guerrier. Virtuose, Fred Hersch, pianiste et compositeur né à Cincinnati le 21 octobre 1955, … Read more