Jazz: ‘Carla in appearance is cute, but behind her is very bad’

After four years of absence in reality TV, except their own program, the JLC Family is back on TFX! In this innovative program, Jazz, Laurent and their friends have decided to fight against another famous family, the Guedj. In preview, the first two episodes of The Battle of the Clans came out on TF1 Max, while waiting to be broadcast for free at the start of the school year on TFX. Pleasantly surprised by this new program, viewers are delighted. And what has already caused a lot of talk on the networks is the clash that has already broken out between Jazz and Carla Moreau.

“Carla, she’s the kind of girl who can make me unscrew”

Since the dark history of witchcraft, Carla and Kevin Guedj have moved away from Marseille. But the couple of young parents knew how to bounce back, since they created their own show, a reality TV called The Mif. It is in this program that the Guedj were able to form their own “family” ready to do battle with the Correia. It is composed of Jazz, Laurent, Noémie, Joezi, Emine, Medhi and Mymy and plays for the “Princess Margot” association. As for the Guedj, their clan is made up of Carla, Kévin, Allan, Alex, Bastos, Shaane and Maïssane. They chose to fight for the association “Rêves de Gosse”.

From the first minutes of the first episode, Jazz, who recently shocked the web because of a video with Chelsea, criticizes Carla’s behavior: “From what I see on the networks, Kevin is solar. It can be seen that he is a guy who has the fishing, the joy of living! Conversely, Carla has a very ‘gnagnagnana’ side. Outwardly she is very cute, but behind her is very bad.” “Very pestouille!”interrupts Laurent.” Jazz even adds: “She is the complete opposite of me, who on the surface can seem very tough, whereas I have a huge heart. Being in front of someone like that all day is the kind of girl who can make me unscrew ! I’m not sure we’ll become great friends.”

Hateful Jazz? Internet users clash it loudly

By discovering the words of Jazz, in clash with Cyril Hanouna who revealed his salary, on Carla Moreau, Internet users did not hesitate to criticize her in return: “OMG Despicable Jazz”, “It was obvious that Jazz was waiting for the slightest little thing to jump on Carla, it’s crazy”“But Jazz how she criticizes the Guedj family, on the character, their style of dress! The girl speaks when she doesn’t even know how to dress”, “Jazz doesn’t fart higher than her behind, we’re not going to lie and the ‘she’s going to bring out a bad side of me’ lol tkt he’s still inside you you’ve always been a vicious… you don’t need Carla for that.”

And the two heads of families will make the show from the first episode since a huge clash will break out during the first test.

While Maissane tries to put the pieces of a puzzle together, a member of the opposing team says she is not concentrating. Maissane picks up, but Carla replies: “Stop Maissane, don’t talk. We don’t give a fuck about them!” A sentence that will immediately create discord between the two young mothers. “Speak well on the other hand! Stop talking with your big words and your old viper’s tongue, otherwise I’ll rip your head off!balances Jazz to its rival.


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Jazz: ‘Carla in appearance is cute, but behind her is very bad’

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