Belle criticized for her sex with Kevin, Jazz makes new revelations

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It was at the age of just 18 that Carla Moreau landed in the ruthless world of reality TV. This former dressing table makes its first appearance in The people of Marseilles South Africa where she meets Kevin Guedj for the first time. Very quickly, Carla falls under his spell, but the candidate’s Jaguar reputation … Read more

Carla Moreau cheated on by Kevin Guedj with Belle? She breaks the silence: “I am very saddened”

Carla Moreau cheated on by Kevin Guedj with Belle She

Would the jaguar be back? This is the question that everyone is asking in the world of reality TV. Indeed, for years, Kevin Guedj was known in the Marseilles like a real Dom Juan. Even when he fell in love with Carla Moreau, he did not hesitate to deceive her on several occasions. It was … Read more

[INTERVIEW] Célia Verot (Fondation du patrimoine) : « Nous aidons le patrimoine parce que cela rend la France plus belle » | Chroniques philanthropiques par Francis Charhon

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La Fondation du patrimoine, un statut spécifique Célia Verot, vous êtes directrice de la Fondation du patrimoine. Pourriez-vous préciser ce qu’est la Fondation du patrimoine et son statut assez spécifique ?    La Fondation du patrimoine est une organisation qui a été créée il y a 26 ans, en 1996, à l’initiative de douze grandes … Read more

Les Apaches de Paris: immersive theater to go from spectator to thug of the Belle Époque

Les Apaches de Paris immersive theater to go from spectator

Paris. 1907. Nestled in the heart of the Grands Boulevards, the Grévin café has just seen its allegiance capsize. The day before, two rival criminal gangs attacked the premises in an alliance of circumstance. In one battle, the drinking establishment was transformed into a headquarters for the “wolves of the Butte” and the “tombeurs de … Read more

Already Belle: Self love days to learn to love yourself as you are!

Already Beautiful is a Belgian image consulting company, located in the Brussels region. Julie Berghmans, professional makeup artist and founder of Already Beautifulhas a very simple motto to describe his day-to-day job “You are already beautiful! My mission is to prove it to you”. To succeed in this mission, Julie offers various services, all imagined … Read more