Growing your business is “a marathon”

How heart coherence can help you relax and de stress

L’Echo surveyed a few CEOs of SMEs and fast-growing companies. Endurance and passion, they have them. All they lack is an ecosystem worthy of the name in French-speaking Belgium. They are neither start-ups or offshoots of universities, nor large companies established for a long time on Belgian territory. High-growth companies, scale-ups in English jargon, are … Read more

Sarthe: start of the “marathon” of performances at the Citadel of Angels

Sarthe start of the marathon of performances at the Citadel

By Olivier Jaunay Published on 1 Aug 22 at 13:29 The Courier – The Echo See my news Follow this media Sylvain Michoux and Isabelle Cany are impatiently waiting to find their audience. ©Le Petit Courrier – Olivier Jaunay Teloché (south Sarthe); at the Citadel of Angels, Isabelle Cany and Sylvain Michouxactive all year round … Read more

The 1st Jazz Marathon Day in Vienna proves to be a success – Living in cities

The 1st Jazz Marathon Day in Vienna proves to be

It will be understood, the objective of Jazz in Vienna this year was to reconnect full pot with the city center. To no longer ensure that there is no longer a break between the ancient theater and the rest of the city, as was sometimes the case in the past. It began after two years … Read more