Belle criticized for her sex with Kevin, Jazz makes new revelations

It was at the age of just 18 that Carla Moreau landed in the ruthless world of reality TV. This former dressing table makes its first appearance in The people of Marseilles South Africa where she meets Kevin Guedj for the first time. Very quickly, Carla falls under his spell, but the candidate’s Jaguar reputation will lead to many disputes and breakups. Despite a marriage and a child with Kevin, Carla will continue to be very jealous of the women around her in this environment.. In March 2021, we will learn that the young mother had been calling on a clairvoyant for years to cast spells on them, but also on Maeva Ghennam, her best friend at the time.

Since the witchcraft scandal, Carla and Kevin, more united than ever, are no longer part of the Marseillais. Back on TFX in The Battle of the Clansthis shooting also turns to drama

Belle confirms again having slept with Kevin, she is lynched

In a recent video published on the Bastos channel, Belle Longwell, connected to a lie detector, balances having slept with Kevin Guedj during the filming of The Battle of the Clans. Knowing that his wife Carla and his cousin Allan (who was in a relationship with Belle at the time) were present in the villaInternet users were shocked by this revelation.

Following this, Kevin spoke out to put an end to this rumor. But viewers have a hard time believing this denial, which lacked conviction … Then, Carla Moreau, on the verge of tears when she learned of yet another deception from her husband, broke the silence. Ruby’s mom is totally saddened by the situation.

For public opinion, Belle would have told the truth. Moreover, she once again confirmed: “For some people, it’s a movie script. There are people who refuse to open their eyes… I thought the Bastos video was quite informative. The blame is shared, we are at fault just as much for him as I am. The only victim in this story is his wife! It’s unfair that I’m the only one to pay the price for the irresponsibility we had together!”

A story that annoyed Internet users even more: “I think she’s done enough of it to still afford to open it! Even if it’s true, she’s been up to it, I’m sure…she’s crazy!”At the time of the facts, she was in a relationship with her own cousin! Why are we insulting her?! Because it is she who opens her mouth and who is proud as a bonus! She’s the one who banged 3 guys in the same week !”, “She has fire in her buttocks, that one can be seen for miles!”, “The lightning of your karma will be even worse, there it is nothing yet”, “No value, no principle girl”.

Did Laurent really flirt with Belle in The Battle of Clans?

Know that in this story, there is collateral damage.

In addition to sleeping with Kevin Guedj, Belle confided that Laurent Correia would have hit her and even touched her buttocks during this same shoot. Tired of seeing the image of her couple soiled in the media and on the networks, Jazz spoke on his Telegram channel. First, she confirms this story between Kevin and Belle:

“It’s the third or fourth day of shooting and Belle asks to speak to us with Laurent. She explains to us that, the day before, she would have had a relationship with Kevin. It happened at an after party, after the cameras had rolled. Everyone stayed for a drink, then many went to bed except four people, including Kevin and Belle. It would have happened that night. I’m shocked, but I don’t talk about it, because I don’t want to make trouble and I wasn’t there. I don’t go in the dirty like that! When this story breaks, everyone learns about it on the set.”

Jazz Correia continues: “Two weeks later, Belle would have said that Laurent had been very pleasant with her. He would have touched her hand and not her buttocks! She had the impression that he was tactile. I was told that when she was no longer on set. I tell her about it on WhatsApp on June 3 and Belle tells me it’s wrong. She was delirious on her own, because Laurent was nice to her, he took her like his little one! (…) My husband and I did not ask anyone. For a year and a half, we have been living very peacefully, we are very happy. So leave us alone! I regret this shooting to the highest degree!”



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Belle criticized for her sex with Kevin, Jazz makes new revelations

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