From Paris to Provence, spirituality without confession at the Sésame center

From Paris to Provence spirituality without confession at the Sesame

Photo of study time in the Sesame “room of silence”, during a “Sesame Provence Week”, in April 2022. SESAME CENTER An hour has passed and the last clear vibrations of the ringing of the bell fade away. On the large colorful carpets in the meditation hall, people who had their eyes closed open them little … Read more

Schiltigheim. Nature Day, Saturday in the city center and in the neighborhoods

The Nature Day, set up by the City of Schiltigheim with its associative and institutional partners, highlights initiatives in favor of the protection of the environment, biodiversity, ecological transition and the climate. It makes it possible to discover a host of ideas, projects and achievements which, each in their own way, concern sustainable development. In … Read more

Yoga Center Software: Research Report On New Innovative Solutions And Advanced Technologies 2022-2030 – Gabonflash

The most obvious way to expand the Yoga Center Software market is to get more customers, strategic ways to reach other consumers or businesses are through industry research, building support / sales channel, increasing customer interaction, attending networking events, and forming strategic partnerships with other industries. Marketing yoga center software involves selling your product or … Read more

Morocco’s Distinguished Migration Efforts at the Center of an Interactive Meeting at the House of Councilors

The House of Councilors organized, on Monday, an interactive preparatory meeting for the first International Migration Review Forum, to be held from May 17 to 20 in New York, focusing on the leading role Morocco plays in the field. of migration in its various dimensions and extensions. This meeting, which was attended by representatives of … Read more