Exhibition Photographing the Vodous of Catherine De Clippel at the Center de la photographie de Mougins – 2022

Yasmine Chemali, director of the Center de la photographie de Mougins and François Cheval, its artistic director, presented the exhibition Photographing voodoo, which runs until February 5, 2023, in the presence of photographer Catherine De Clippel.

MOUGINS PHOTOGRAPHY CENTER – Under the dual curatorship of François Cheval and Yasmine Chemali, the exhibition “Photographing voodoo: Catherine De Clippel” is the first part of a two-step research entitled “What happens to us here, in the face”, according to the expression of Théodore Monod. The exhibition “Amexica: Marie Baronnet”, which will take place from March 4 to June 4, 2023, will constitute the second part of the project.
In 2021, a book entitled Photographing voodoo: Togo-Benin 1988-2019 will be published by the Maison des sciences de l’homme. The exhibition presents a series of large format prints as well as a new videographic creation created by the on-situ agency based on the film “Les Dieux-Objets” by Catherine De Clippel. “In Western culture, the voodoo religion has long been considered a tissue of bloodthirsty and evil superstitions. We allowed ourselves to categorize voodoo in the same way as magic or witchcraft, relegating voodoo cults to the rank of primitive, ancestral, fixed practices. However, the voodoo are contemporary to us. Established since time immemorial, they cohabit alongside Christianity and Islam. Its “pantheon” hosts the main figures of Mawu-Lisa, Hevieso, Sakpata and others, peripheral, such as Egu, Mami Watta, Dan and Zangbeto. »
Catherine De Clippel accompanies anthropologists Marc Augé and Jean-Paul Colleyn, and co-produces, with Arte, INA and RTBF, a series of films since the early 1980s on animist practices in Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, in Pakistan and India. The documentary series Living with the gods took her on a journey, notably to Togo and Benin to discover voodoo, which she photographed from 1988. Both ethnological and artistic, her work brought her closer to voodoo rites and deities. His photos, in black and white, are imbued with mystery, contrasting with the film, very animated and very colorful presented on the ground floor.
The film presented on level 2 of the photography center represents, in a village on the Togolese coast, the healing priest Sewavi who lives with his voodoo. His sanctuary is populated by these “god-objects” which he consults to cure ailments, cure or find remedies through divination. The voodoo are very present in the daily life of the villagers.

Photographing Vodou
Catherine De Clippel
From November 5, 2022 to February 5, 2023
Mougins Photography Center
43 rue de l’Eglise 06250 Mougins

04 22 21 52 12 – www.cpmougins.com
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Open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Admission: Adult: €6 – Student: €3 – Group: €4 / pers.
Guided tour: €10 / pers.
Free 1st Sunday of the month and under 18s, teachers, school groups, job seekers, people with disabilities, ICOM card holders.

Catherine De Clippel.

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Exhibition Photographing the Vodous of Catherine De Clippel at the Center de la photographie de Mougins – 2022

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