Graviti, the flotation and sensory isolation center in a capsule in Lyon

GRAVITI, the Floating Center “meaning”-ational in Lyon

Who has never dreamed of feeling the effects of weightlessness? Suddenly, we have the power to fly away like a bird, gravity leaves us, we leave all the hassles and torments of everyday life behind as we levitate… What if I told you that it was possible to have a similar experience with GRAVITI in Lyon, but in a private capsule filled with salt water? You may know the principle: for 1 hour, on the surface of water 4 times saltier than the Dead Seayour muscles stretch and relax in order to relieve joint pain but also (and above all) to relax intensely. A pure well-being session, where you don’t have to nothing else to do but let your body and mind relax!

The benefits of flotation

If you watched Stranger Thingsdifficult not to imagine Eleven in a swimming pool or a basin, observing certain scenes from the outside while depriving himself of his senses… (We’re not going to tell you more, we’re not here to spoiler, no but oh!) Fortunately, in real real life, despite process similarities, you emerge as relaxed as after a deeply rejuvenating meditation session. You are not here to save the world from evil demogorgons! (Normally…)

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Thanks to the gravity reduced by 80%your body is freed from all kinds of weight. The Epsom salt used is a powerful antiseptic, known for its remineralizing and decompressing properties. It helps your muscles and joints to recover, and also treats skin concerns such as acne, eczema or psoriasis. Among the long list of beneficial properties of a flotation session, we find: A reduction in pain (chronic, premenstrual, etc.), an acceleration of muscle recovery, an improvement in the quality of sleep, stimulation of creativity, help with weaning from certain addictions, help against post-stress -traumatic and general stress via the drop in cortisol levels… And much more. Only advantages.

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Breathe, empty

In the capsule, you isolate from the world by getting rid of visual and sound stimuli “parasites”. The goal being you fully regenerate, from your toes to your brain. Moreover, what are called the “beta brain waves”focused on awakening and activity, gently give way to “theta waves”, characteristics of REM sleep, in connection with mindfulness meditation and letting go. This is why the process is excellent for the mind, both in terms of learning, memorization, and for relieve anxiety and overwhelming emotions.

Graviti the flotation and sensory isolation center in a capsule

For a good preparation:

First, you can book your session online. It is not recommended to shave the day before, to eat too much on D-Day and to consume caffeine before floating. A member of staff will take you to your cabin after you have read the flotation manual, then after a quick shower, it is time to board the capsule. Now is the time to settle down as comfortably as possible, and enjoy every second! When the trip is over, a little tea awaits you to gently reconnect you to solid ground. You can share your experience around you, even with the staff!

Finally, an absolutely non-negligible point: the opening of the hood is accessible and manual. You are therefore not obliged to carry out the closed capsule experience! But if you decide to try total immersion, you can reconsider your decision at any time. A godsend for our claustrophobic friends!

So do your first try at the GRAVITI flotation center, rue Ney in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. As for the sanitary conditions, even if it means depriving you of your senses, you can literally go there with your eyes closed. The water is already very saturated with Epsom salt and is filtered and then sterilized with UV rays! A pure moment of relaxation and pleasure.

GRAVITI Lyon – Floating center

31 rue Ney – Lyon 6th
Monday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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Graviti, the flotation and sensory isolation center in a capsule in Lyon

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