Les Marseillais: Carla Moreau taclée par Cynthia sur la sorcellerie !

Les Marseillais Carla Moreau taclee par Cynthia sur la sorcellerie

La tension monte parmi les Marseillais ! Alors que Carla Moreau et Kevin Guedj ont rompu, Cynthia se retrouve au centre des attentions… Carla Moreau prend un énorme tacle de la part de Cynthia ! Alors que la désormais ex de Kevin Guedj a balancé sur sa nouvelle vie amoureuse, Les Marseillais se déchirent après … Read more

Kevin Guedj makes Carla Moreau mad with rage by getting into a relationship with a candidate from the Fifty!

Kevin Guedj makes Carla Moreau mad with rage by getting

Since his separation with Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedj has fun. According to bloggers, he is already going out with a candidate from the Fifty! Has Kevin Guedj become the jaguar he once was? According to bloggers, he has already turned the page! He was seen in a hotel in Aix-en-Provence in the company of a … Read more

Carla Moreau separated: she announces her breakup with Kevin Guedj, internet users react – X Gossip

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Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj are part of the emblematic couples of French reality TV. Baby, wedding… Their love was born in front of the cameras and ends in an Instagram post. Carla announced their breakup this Thursday, October 27, 2022, after rumors of Kevin’s infidelity marred their relationship. This reality TV couple got together … Read more

Carla Moreau cheated on by Kevin Guedj with Belle? She breaks the silence: “I am very saddened”

Carla Moreau cheated on by Kevin Guedj with Belle She

Would the jaguar be back? This is the question that everyone is asking in the world of reality TV. Indeed, for years, Kevin Guedj was known in the Marseilles like a real Dom Juan. Even when he fell in love with Carla Moreau, he did not hesitate to deceive her on several occasions. It was … Read more

Comic review: “Les Pizzlys” by Jérôme Moreau

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In her daily critical post, Lucile Commeaux casts her sharp and sparkling gaze on a cultural object. Today “The Pizzlys”a comic book by Jérôme Moreau (Delcourt), winner of a Fauve d’Or in 2018 for the “Grimr’s Saga“. “Pizzlys”: it’s a funny word, but its meaning is much less funny. It designates in Jérémie Moreau’s comic … Read more

Maeva Ghennam: very angry with Carla Moreau, she speaks out

Maeva Ghennam very angry with Carla Moreau she speaks out

Maeva Ghennam has still not digested the betrayal of her ex-best friend, Carla Moreau. On her social networks, the candidate announces that she is very upset and has big files to balance. Maeva Ghennam: betrayed by Carla Moreau, she no longer trusts anyone Maeva Ghennam has still not recovered from the betrayal of Carla Moreau. … Read more

The Marseillais: the show on the marriage of Carla Moreau is a flop?

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Ouch! The marriage of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj was not a great success! Audiences on TFX are very bad! Panic on board for Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj (Les Marseillais)! The audiences of the show on their marriage are catastrophic! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z. A turnaround Since the witchcraft … Read more

Carla Moreau and the witchcraft affair: isolation, weight loss, money at stake… the dark consequences

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February 26, 2021 was a black day for Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj. The first of a long series. At that time broke the witchcraft scandal that shook the world of reality TV. Carla Moreau was accused of having appealed to a seer named Danae in order to harm her comrades in the Marseilles. Damning … Read more

Carla Moreau pregnant with her second child: the photo that sows doubt

Featured in every show Marseilles since 2016, Carla Moreau was known for her fits of jealousy. Very in love with Kevin Guedj, baptized “The Jaguar”, the sparkling blonde had a hard time cashing in on her infidelities for several years. Parents of a little Ruby since 2019, engaged since 2020, then married since January 26, … Read more

The Marseillais: Carla Moreau proud to have presented Ruby to her father!

In an interview with Télé Loisirs, Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) confided that she was proud to have finally been able to present Ruby to her father! A few years ago, Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) experienced a big bad buzz. And for good reason, she did and this story was brought to light. Since then, she … Read more