“Dirou niya! », the secrets of Regragui’s law of attraction

Serene, confident and in a reassured tone, Walid Regragui kept repeating to the press, the Moroccan public and skeptics: “Dirou niya! Have faith and believe it strong. Only then will the ball hit the post and go out. Otherwise and without this collective positive energy, we won’t get there. Niya is the key to victory”, he explained during the press briefing preceding the memorable match against Canada.

attract success

A simple spiel with a superstitious sauce to enlist the fans as the skeptics would have claimed? ” Not at all. What the national coach popularized by calling “Niya” (faith and strong belief) is nothing more than a component of the law of attraction. A well-known concept which consists in believing in the power of the link between our thoughts, our expectations and reality”, explains Mouncif Benjida, personal development coach.

Currently in vogue, this concept is applicable to all areas, as the coach explains. “Personal relationships, love, employment, money, professional promotion, health… The law of attraction is a positive energy that works like a kind of magnet. It is indeed to believe strongly that we can attract everything we want, ”explains Kawtar Bennani, transformational coach. In simplified terms: We attract what we emit. If we release positive energy from ourselves, we receive the same in return.

Receive what we send

“If our emotions are negative, if our expectations are steeped in pessimism…we are bound to attract failure, unhappiness and desolation. And it is valid in the opposite case. Positive thoughts, positive results”, summarizes Mouncif Benjida. Words that the impressive results of the national team confirm in all beauty.

Regragui and his men have always believed in their ability to win and have always proclaimed it. The national coach had not stopped repeating it: “We will have to change our mentality and believe in our abilities and above all in our chances. Moroccans must also believe in it and we will all get there together,” he insisted during his press briefings. Results ? The national team arrived at the quarter-finals of the World Cup with flying colors, surprising the whole world with the accuracy of its game, the strength of its will, its nationalism… and above all this indefinable energy which boosts and dopes it at block.

A mighty law


Could the law of attraction be so powerful? “This law is actually the release of a huge underlying force that lurks deep within our beings. When this energy is finally released, it is a reflection of who we really are,” analyzes Kawtar Bennani. Decryption? “If you are for example a farmer who grows wheat, the universe will serve you wheat because it is what is hidden at the bottom of your field (in you in other words). So what the law of attraction offers you comes not only from what you consciously want but above all from your unconscious. Hence the interest of “purifying and cleaning” one’s energy before calling on it”, warns the coach.

A phenomenal energy that draws its power from the conscious but also the unconscious to crystallize our dreams. “This positive energy has no limits. It works all the time and with everyone. By dint of believing in it, one can become a kind of magician, the master of his destiny. A gift to give to yourself to change your mind, your mentality, your way of thinking but also your future and your experience in general”, insists Kawtar Bennanui.

According to the latter, for it to work, it’s just a question of vibration. “Everything is energy in this universe. The frequency that each of us gives off resonates with that of the world around us. Logically, we pick up and perceive the vibrations which are on the same level as ours”, simplifies the coach. Good humor, joie de vivre, hope, gratitude are then equivalent to a universal “dismissal” of the same positive quality.

How to apply

To apply this law, all you have to do, according to the specialist, is to ask for what you want so much, to believe 100% that you will receive it in order to be able to pick it and then welcome it at the right time. “Three principles which are mainly based on the fact of really knowing what you want and clearly identifying it before wishing for it. That’s the key,” says Benjida.

But desiring strongly is not enough to achieve your goals. Working, working, changing and cleaning one’s inner energy are highly recommended actions to “deserve” the offerings of the law of attraction. “But you also have to know how to detect the manifestations and the signals showing that the law is working. Knowing how to seize opportunities, be attentive and perceive the path to take to achieve your hopes,” adds the transformational coach.

“Dirou niya”

The latter also insists on the importance of patience in this process. “The answer takes time, it is the space necessary for the Universe to respond to your vibration and satisfy your request. However, often we already move on, disappointed not to have received it. It would then be more appropriate to realign ourselves, to feel, to readjust our first request with patience and to let go until the realization of this one, ”she advises.

To help you take full advantage of the “benefits” of the law of attraction, the coach advises “to have faith, keep it and nourish it” while remaining as often as possible in a positive “mood”. “Gratitude is the best way to stay positive by being thankful for all the good things you have, that God and the universe give you. Also fight negative thoughts and drive them out of your mind and your life. And above all, never lose sight of your goals and dreams. This is how you can make them! “, concludes the coach.

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“Dirou niya! », the secrets of Regragui’s law of attraction

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