Law of attraction: what is it and how to use it to have a dream life

The secret. The famous secret. What is c*liss.

Popularized in 2006 with the release of Rhonda Byrne’s book, the expression “the secret” simply designates a way of life to adopt to make it better.

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Many people mistakenly think that it is an esoteric movement and that people who mention the law of attraction are in cults. Hmm, no.

Law of Attraction, just like the law of gravity, is a real law described by many scientists (like Newton and Einstein) as being that “which explains the influence of matter and energy on the movement of bodies and stars”. It is based on the principle that everything emits a frequency and an energy.

In other words: if you are negative in life, your energy is negative and you tend to have shitty moments. If, on the contrary, you release a positive energy, your daily life will be most pleasant.

In the book The secretthe author explains that we can ask what we want from the “Universe” and that we must trust it by acting as if we have already received it.

This method is quite controversial, since it relies on magical thinking. By following these tips, someone who doesn’t work and never buys a lottery ticket might wish to become very rich and suddenly hit the jackpot like magic. It’s quite improbable and not very proactive as a way of doing things.

It was by listening to several videos on YouTube (see below) that I better understood how to use the law of attraction. Here is an account of the steps to follow to use it, and thus change your life for the better:

1) Describe your dream life on a sheet. What would you do for work? How would you dress? Who would you be in a relationship with? Etc. Then, on another page, describe in a few points your current life. Then, compare the 2. If there is no link between the 2 texts, it is time to change something. If, on the contrary, the 2 go in the same direction, there is a good chance that you are already using the law of attraction without knowing it.

2) To function well, the law states that you must completely stop focusing on anything you don’t like, that is to say, stop all useless whining. Rather than wasting your time commenting on everything that’s bothering you in your life, like not having a vacation or being disappointed by your boyfriend, you need to focus on the beautiful things and what you want in future to start attracting more of that into your life. When you change your focus, your life changes at the same time without you even modifying anything in your daily life, simply because your thoughts influence your actions.

It is simply a switch of perception: move from anxiety by simply thinking about the problem, to proactive action.

Example: “Things are bad with my boyfriend, we don’t have enough in common” (stressful, distressing, crying) –> Plan an evening date with my boyfriend to draw up a list of activities that we all like 2 to end the summer in style.

99% of people are not able to apply the law of attraction in their lives, because it is VERY hard for the human mind to focus on the positive. Of course, it’s completely normal to have small relapses of negativism sometimes, but it is important to realize this and to “change frequency” immediately by looking for the positive in the given situation, or simply choose not to be affected.

Why does it work? Because following this law gives you self-confidence and helps you fight insecurities. By no longer living in fear and anxiety, you naturally take more risks and decisions that lead you to a possible dream life. Also, since your daily life is filled with joy, gratitude and small pleasures, you already find yourself with a dream life, which is ultimately your old version 2.0 life.

By stopping stressing because you have no cash, you end up meeting a friend of a friend who offers you a job in a new bar where you will make lots of money. You might have met this person anyway at some point in your life, but you would probably have said no for fear of throwing yourself into the void with a new job, from the comfort of your sofa.

So if your dream is to get paid to travel around the world, take confidence in yourself immediately and start a blog / Instagram page and do everything possible to achieve your goals.

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Law of attraction: what is it and how to use it to have a dream life

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