Seen on the networks. A harness problem with an attraction at the Saint-Romain fair in Rouen?

Several testimonials from Internet users question the safety of La Turbine, a thrill ride at the Saint-Romain fair. The City of Rouen and La Turbine deny any incident.

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The publication of Florine Doualle has spread like wildfire on social networks. The 21-year-old woman claims to have felt in danger, on the evening of October 31, while she was doing the La Turbine attraction, novelty 2022 of the Saint-Romain fair. It is a long articulated arm with two gondolas on either side, which propels you in all directions at a height of 70 m.

According to Florine, whom we contacted, her safety harness opened when she was at the very top. “I saw a notch or two go, my brother next to me grabbed my arm because I was slipping. Fortunately, the merry-go-round recovered at the right time. »

A complaint

The young woman claims to have alerted “the showman but he didn’t listen to me. It’s too serious not to talk about it.” She filed a pre-complaint online with the Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray police station. “They called me to come and complete my complaint on Monday, November 7. » Same story for Jason, 18, who tested La Turbine with his friend on November 2. He tells us : “She wasn’t secure enough with the lifting harness, I had to try to hold her so she wouldn’t slip, but hey, it wasn’t easy”.

“No incidents”

For Lola, 16, who tested the attraction with her friend on October 29, “They didn’t check our harnesses, they weren’t really tight. Then it got stuck when the attraction started but it was moving. I was afraid of losing my life”. The teenager, accustomed to thrill rides, says that she “had done all the other thrill rides on this fair without having had any problems”.

“All the rides are systematically checked and have received an approvalexplains Kader Chekemani, deputy mayor in charge of public tranquility. We have had no feedback from the firefighters or the security of the fair on incidents. »

“It’s a bad buzzreacts an employee of La Turbine. It’s normal for the harness to move a little, it’s not supposed to compress the person. We had no incidents. »

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Seen on the networks. A harness problem with an attraction at the Saint-Romain fair in Rouen?

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