The United Arab Emirates: an enabling environment for entrepreneurship and talent attraction

ABU DHABI: In one of the fastest growing economies in the region, what is more important than human capital? The third edition of Abu Dhabi talks under the theme “UAE: towards a hub of talents” tackled this question at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. The event saw the participation of many guests strengthening the relationship between … Read more

Miguel Guardiola: “Morocco is the country of the Spanish and Andalusian environment that has undergone the most changes”

Relations between Spain and Morocco from a commercial and economic point of view. In such a way that it has often been the “primus inter pares” when it comes to analyzing the path shared by the two countries. The current state and future of this paradigm, with the role played by the autonomous community of … Read more

The 12 laws for creating a positive environment

To adopt positive thinking on a daily basis, you must start by creating an equally positive environment by keeping negative energies and people away on the one hand, but also by infusing this environment with doses of anticipation and hindsight. This is detailed by Laurence Arpi, a business coach specializing in personal development, in her … Read more

Indigenous mystique and its relationship to the environment

Indigenous mystique and its relationship to the environment

By: Jhon Gregory Mendez Embús It’s no secret that over the years environmental issues have been responsible for an exponential increase in negative impacts on the planet. Issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, harmful waste production and disposal, deforestation, among other factors, have become the “focus point” of the scientific community because, when the planet … Read more