Audiobook: a format for learning, having fun or disconnecting on a daily basis

ITA Airways strengthens its Italy Algeria flight program

The audio format is booming. Podcasts, audio books, sound creations… Listening to these new formats, initially boosted by confinements and the health crisis, has continued to increase in recent years, bringing audio listening into the daily lives of many French people. . Booming And if the audio book is not yet as popular as podcasts, … Read more

Law of attraction: how to implement it on a daily basis?

Law of Attraction. “We attract what we vibrate”. “You reap what you sow”. It’s all about vibration. Our vibrations depend on our way of thinking because it is our thoughts that define our reality. You may have noticed this already, but if you ask three siblings to tell you the same vacation memory, you’ll get … Read more

555, 666… These angelic numbers that you see on a daily basis have a meaning

555 666… These angelic numbers that you see on a

According to numerological experts, certain sequences of numbers are heavy with meaning. We explain to you. To read laterSaved On television, in the street or in a book… Numbers come to us every day and sometimes have a very specific meaning. Numerology Experts call them “angelic numbers”. Sign of luck or simple advice, they send … Read more

5 tips to effectively combat stress on a daily basis

5 tips to effectively combat stress on a daily basis

-The stress of our daily lives is perhaps one of the strongest characteristics of modern life. It is a problem which concerns all generations and which can be lived with real difficulties in extreme cases. If stress has good sides in certain exceptional situations to overcome, for most people it remains an annoyance that slowly … Read more

I don’t believe in astrology and yet I use the Co-Star app on a daily basis

I dont believe in astrology and yet I use the

It was a seemingly ordinary Tuesday evening, in the middle of 2021. So it was a rather sad Tuesday. The pandemic, depression linked to classes, and to make matters worse, the stress of the dissertation. In the middle of a depressing conversation, Laura, a friend, regains some energy: “What do you think of the Co-Star … Read more

Place, time, position, techniques: discover how to meditate on a daily basis

Place time position techniques discover how to meditate on a

The reasons for wanting to take up meditation are endless: the desire to reconnect with oneself, to control one’s stress or anxiety, to learn to live better in the present moment… There are also a series of benefits for the body such as improved heart health or better pain management. Despite this, for some it … Read more

5 tips for managing stress on a daily basis

Eat healthy to fight stress HASIn order to better manage your stress, it is recommended to change your eating habits by favoring a healthy lifestyle. First, avoid meals that are too fatty, too sweet and too salty, which promote fat storage. Then, it is essential to consume products from organic farming. Indeed, organic fruits and … Read more