Law of attraction: how to implement it on a daily basis?

Law of Attraction. “We attract what we vibrate”. “You reap what you sow”. It’s all about vibration. Our vibrations depend on our way of thinking because it is our thoughts that define our reality.

You may have noticed this already, but if you ask three siblings to tell you the same vacation memory, you’ll get three different versions. The same event will be experienced in a unique way by each person according to their wounds, their feelings. Thus, the first will tell you that it was the best moment of his vacation, the second will barely remember it and the third will brawl saying that it was traumatic.
Their way of thinking will directly modify their reality and therefore their memory.
These three people will experience this situation according to their way of thinking. The person who thinks negatively will live it negatively. The one who doesn’t pay attention to it won’t remember it. The one who will think positively will remember it as a good memory.

But then, how to think positively to attract positive situations to you?

First, avoid falling without the toxic positivity. You have the right to experience “negative” emotions and to have difficult times. It’s OK ! It’s all about balance, and so is the law of attraction.


Improve the way you talk to yourself

First, you must succeed in improving the way you talk to yourself. For example, if you miss something, try changing “I suck” into “I tried my best”.
Little by little, you will see that by being less demanding with yourself, your reality will soften.

Believe in you

Trust yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary. Put all the chances on your side. Depart as the winner. Try turning “I’m never going to make it” into “I try and I’m proud to try”!

Be consistent and persevering

Change can happen quickly, but not instantly. Don’t give up if your life doesn’t change after four days. It is often said that it takes twenty-eight days for the brain to register a new habit. Give yourself time, it’s really worth it!

do rituals

This word can be scary at first, but in reality, it’s an appointment with yourself that can allow you not to give up. For example, you can perform rituals during New Moons and Full Moons. You can write a wish on a paper during the New Moon and keep it near you. Then, at the next Full Moon, burn or tear it to make it come true. It’s simple, quick, but effective.
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Reciting mantras

Reciting mantras every day will change your perception of yourself, increase your self-confidence and your self-esteem. If you do, your vibrations will increase and you will therefore attract new opportunities to you. But what is a mantra? It’s a simple phrase that you can say to yourself every morning in front of the mirror while looking into your eyes (yes yes!) and that will boost you for the day. You can also recite it whenever a stressful situation presents itself to you.

For instance :

In the morning in your bathroom: “I am beautiful/beautiful”
Before pushing the door to work: “Everything will be fine”
Before a difficult task: “I will get there”
Leaving work: “I did my best”
Before sleeping: “It was a good day. I am grateful for what I already have: a job / health / friends / a sweetheart / a family / a roof over my head / a comfortable bed / …”

Once this routine becomes natural for you, you will see the changes happen naturally!


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Law of attraction: how to implement it on a daily basis?

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