Maeva Ghennam destroys Carla Moreau and ridicules her “I am not a witch”!

While watching the World Cup final, Maeva Ghennam did not fail to tackle Carla Moreau on witchcraft!

This Sunday, December 18, 2022, Maeva Ghennam watched the final of the world cup. Indeed, France faced Argentina. The reality TV candidate took the opportunity to throw a tackle at Carla Moreau!

A final that makes Maeva Ghennam react

What a final! This Sunday, December 18, France faced Argentina. The match was very stressful because during the first half, the Blues let themselves go. They were led by Argentina who scored two goals within minutes. Very quickly, the French lost all hope.

This is the case of Maeva Ghennam who filmed her evening in a bar in Dubai. Seeing the performance of the footballers, she found it hard to believe in a comeback. But Kylian Mbappé did not let himself be done on the ground! After half-time, so he is back in shape !

Indeed, he scored two goals in just a few minutes! This gave hope to Maeva Ghennam. Subsequently, the sportsman scored a new goal! Kylian Mbappe was able to lead France to the penalty shootout. At first, Maeva Ghennam did not believe in the victory of France. But she ended up changing her mind. So she asked her fans if she shouldn’t delete her stories.

So she said: Sorry guys, I’m not a witch myself. I don’t eat that bread. » Internet users immediately saw a tackle against Carla Moreau. The bimbo has a habit of tackling her former best friend Carla Moreau. Indeed, the latter was accused of witchcraft.

She therefore practiced it against several candidates from the Marseilles like Julien Tanti, Manon Marsault, Jessica Thivenin and so many more. Carla Moreau even cast spells on Maeva Ghennam. And that, the latter cannot forgive him!

Maeva Ghennam tackles Carla Moreau on witchcraft!

Maeva Ghennam tackles Carla Moreau on witchcraft!

Carla Moreau has other concerns

Maeva Ghennam will never forgive the witchcraft of Carla Moreau. She had all the evidence. Even compromising voice notes about herself. Ruby’s mom made demands of her psychic. She therefore asked him to be on the front of the stage on TV.

This is what hurt Maeva Ghennam. So his fans are certain of it, his tackle was aimed at Kevin’s ex. For the moment, Carla Moreau has not yet reacted. It must be said that she has other concerns. Indeed, she has just separated from Kevin Guedj. Eh yes ! Here you are now single.

Maeva Ghennam’s ex BFF wants to focus on herself and her daughter Ruby. Moreover, several bloggers have claimed that she was already in a relationship with a wealthy restaurateur… But Carla Moreau denied everything outright: (…) I never talk about my personal life, but here in this case, I saw tons and tons of photos in mode ‘Congratulations you met love’ or ‘Congratulations but it’s a man married’… So guys, I’m going to get everybody okay. Usually, I never talk about that, but as there, I know he has a wife, from what I understood, it is still very serious to swing false information. »

The former friend of Maeva Ghennam says she is still fragile, and not yet ready to start a relationship now : “(…) Already one, I’m not going to recouple now…. There I have only one desire is to enjoy life, and not to take my head…” So it’s a case to follow!

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Maeva Ghennam destroys Carla Moreau and ridicules her “I am not a witch”!

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