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Hades 2’s protagonist, Melinoë, will benefit from the help of her sorcerous ally Hecate throughout the game. Here’s everything you need to know about who Hecate is.

Throughout the first trailer for Hades 2, a Greek goddess, known as Hecate, is seen training and urging the main protagonist, Melinoë, to follow her destiny, but Hecate herself remains a mysterious entity. The release date for Hades 2, even in Early Access, is unknown, so there is plenty of time for Supergiant Games to reveal more information about Hecate and her connection to Melinoë. However, until then, Greek mythology offers plenty of information about Hecate.

As a direct sequel to Hades, there are many connections, however subtle or direct, to be made between the two games based solely on the trailers. Elements of the original Hades ending set up a sequel, making the case to play (or replay) Hades before the release of Hades 2. However, one major difference between Hades and Hades 2 that the what we can see straight from the trailer is that Melinoë has such a powerful ally, training him for his ultimate fight with the Titan of Time, Chronos, while Zagreus had a guardian in Nyx, a mentor. in Achilles, and various other teachers and gods for guidance. While Hecate is intended to be Melinoë’s guiding figure and sorcerous ally, the mythology behind her is hugely important to the game and storytelling.

The Mythology Behind The Witch Goddess Hecate From Hades 2

Alongside every new Greek god confirmed for Hades 2, Hecate is not a Supergiant Games invention, but a true figure from Greek mythology. Throughout ancient Greece, Hecate was known as the goddess of borders, crossroads, the Moon, witchcraft/sorcery, necromancy, ghosts and, in addition, had a superb knowledge of poisonous plants and herbs. Hecate held an important role as a household deity, worshiped in many Greek regions and had various cults, especially among witches. Often the Goddess was depicted as triple-bodied, or with three forms, as she stood as a guardian at the crossroads, able to see in all directions. Hecate would also have received great honor and command over different areas of heaven, earth and sea.

How Hecate’s Mythology Could Play a Role in Hades 2

Reviewing the mythology and history of the Goddess Hecate, there is no denying how important a deity she was in ancient Greece, or how she was one of the most important mythological characters left out of Hades. Due to her association with access to crossroads and spaces between worlds, Hecate is also considered a goddess of the underworld, also known as the chthonic goddess. The poet Theocritus described Hecate as a “holder of keys”, able to open the gates of death. This could prove hugely important to her role as Melinoë’s allied witch, as Melinoë must fight her way through new depths in the underworld to defeat Chronos.

No matter what awaits Melinoë in Hades 2, the goddess Hecate is bound to be one of the most important characters for the protagonist. As we learn more about the identity of Hades 2’s protagonist, Melinoë, we learn more about Hecate. As the mythology shows, there are many different aspects and traits of Hecate that can be portrayed in Hades 2, enough to even transform her from her one-body appearance in the trailer to a three-body terror later on. in the game. Finding out who Hecate really is only builds excitement for her role and Melinoë, as anticipation grows for Supergiant Games’ first-ever sequel, Hades 2.

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Hades 2: Who Really Is Hecate, Melinoë’s Witch Ally | Pretty Reel

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