Is Wednesday Addams from the new Netflix series a witch like her ancestor Goody?

This is a question that comes up very often on Wednesday Addams (Netflix)… Is she a witch like her ancestor Goody?

Wednesday Addams is the character of the moment who kept Netflix its super-platform title streaming. Is the girl a witch like her ancestor Goody Addams? Answer below. (Warning, this article contains spoilers)

A series that breaks all records on Netflix

Netflix hit hard with the release of Wednesday. A series that highlights Wednesday Addams, a cynical young teenager who fails to express her feelings and emotions. But she is touching all the same, because she shows, through her actions, that she is attached to certain members of his entourage. For example, she has no problem hurting those who want to hurt her little one. brother. The scene at the swimming pool will therefore be able to testify to this.

Wednesday Addams is none other than the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams. She also has a brother and a pet she calls ‘The Thing’. It is actually a hand that follows everywhere! One fine day, Wednesday is going to be placed at Nevermore Academy. And that’s where his life will change! First, she will discover the value of friendship. His roommate will teach him to love others.

Next, she will learn more about her family. She will realize that her father is innocentt in the murder case at Nevermore Academy. The latter wanted rather to protect the woman with his life, by carrying his murder on his back. But that’s not all ! Wednesday will also discover that she has an ancestor: Goody.

Wednesday: a witch like Goody?

The Addams Family does have supernatural powers. Wednesday, for example, has visions of death. On several occasions, she will feel the death of her friends, but also of unknown people. Over the episodes, the Addams daughter also discovers the existence of Goody, her ancestor. She settled in Jericho in the 17th century. When the pilgrim Joseph Crackstone wanted to kill witches. In effect, Goody was known to practice witchcraft.

She was able to outsmart Crackstone, kill him, and place a blood curse on his soul to protect his own. Wednesday will therefore follow Goody’s advice to save his school. But then the question arises, is Wednesday a witch like her ancestor? The answer is no !

And this, even if she still has more powerful visions that reflect the darker aspects of the world. Remember, however, that Morticia Addams is considered a witch within the family Addams.

One thing is certain, Tim Burton has everyone in agreement with this series on Netflix. His universe, which is strangely reminiscent of that of Harry Potter, caused a sensation. So much so that to date, the Wednesday series has broken all records. She therefore places herself at the first place of views on nearly 85 payes.

But that’s not all ! It also has more than 341.2 million hours viewed in the first week after its release. It is enormous ! This places it then in front of season 4 of Stranger Things which was in first position.

It is therefore a source of pride for Jenna Ortega, who is eager to play in season 2. What is the release date, what will be the plot? Will Wednesday be the main character? We are eagerly awaiting Netflix’s answers!

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Is Wednesday Addams from the new Netflix series a witch like her ancestor Goody?

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