There will be no season 2 for Saint Seiya on Netflix!

There will be no season 2 for Saint Seiya on

Saint Seiya also called in French: The Knights of the Zodiac is a manga by Masami Kurumada. It was very successful, as this manga sold over 50,000 copies worldwide. Inspired by various mythologies such as Greek, Scandinavian, Japanese as well as Buddhist mythologies; Masami Kurumada creates an original universe. You will see in this manga … Read more

12 Best Anime On Netflix (Right Now) – GameSpot

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Over the past few years, Netflix has doubled down on its already impressive collection of anime. Along with classic anime titles, Netflix also allows account owners to stream original anime series that include unique concepts and shows based on some of the most popular manga ever written. With so many options to choose from, anime … Read more

Top 30 de meilleures séries de science-fiction à voir absolument sur Netflix

Top 30 de meilleures series de science fiction a voir absolument scaled

La science-fiction fait depuis toujours partie des axes d’attraction de la galaxie Netflix. Le géant américain a su proposer au fil des années des films et des séries de plus en plus originales inspirées d’œuvres tout aussi inspirantes. De ‘Stranger Things’ à ‘Dark’ en passant par le tout récent ‘Squid Game’, voici 30 des meilleures … Read more

Netflix unveils its new Castlevania nocturnal animated series through a first trailer!

Netflix continues to surprise us by unveiling its new projects day after day. Among the new anime presented it is impossible to miss the very popular Castlevania series. The universe of Dracula, monsters, curse, magic and sword expands with a new series called Castlevania: Nocturne. According to the first trailer posted, this series will star … Read more

Astrological guide to broken hearts (Netflix): here is the summary of season 1 before attacking season 2

Launched last October, the series Astrological guide to broken hearts quickly won over subscribers to netflix. The fiction, based on an Italian best-seller, revolves around Alice Bassi, a single 30-year-old working for a production company. She is heartbroken when she meets Tio, a self-proclaimed expert in astrology. The latter offers to guide her in her … Read more

Stranger Things season 4 (Netflix): who is Vecna? (spoiler)

Season 4 episode 7 of Stranger Things ended with a major twist, revealing to us the true identity of Vecna, the new antagonist of the Netflix series. Beware of spoilers! The continuation under this advertisement Since May 27, 2022, fans of Stranger Things have access to the first seven episodes of Season 4. The last … Read more

Blood Sisters: this controversial character from the Netflix series that Internet users hate

Released May 5, 2022 on Netflix, Blood Sisters is enjoying great success with subscribers to the streaming platform. If fans are waiting to know if the series will be renewed for season 2, many of them point to the actions of this character they hate! The continuation under this advertisement On Wednesday May 18, 2022, … Read more