Valuation or how to apply the art of divination to startups

Valuation or how to apply the art of divination to

The unicorn is a legendary and spooky animal in the internet world. It is also a term used to describe startups valued over $1 billion. A process that is as much the art of divination as the promise of better days. Valorization, between promise of success and mirror to the larks Square, a company specializing … Read more

Divination par carapace de tortue

Divination par carapace de tortue

LA DIVINATION PAR L’CAILLE DE TORTUEdans la haute antiquit chinoisepar douard CHAVANNES (1865-1918) – 1911Article paru dans Le Journal Asiatique, 1911, Sr.10, T. 17, pp. 127-137.Diffus par sous license CC-by-nc-sa. Les premiers sicles de l’histoire de Chine sont fort obscurs ; la raison principale de cette imperfection de nos connaissances est que l’archologie n’a … Read more

Recruitment, strategy… The art of divination at the service of the company

FOCUS – This is a little-known facet of business consulting that tells you Le Figaro. Originally reserved for individuals, clairvoyance and astrology are disciplines that have found their place in the world of work. Were you recruited through the advice of an astrologer or a medium? Do you owe your appointment to the executive committee … Read more

The history of cowries: between trade, religion, divination and beauty – ACTUSEN

Cowries were the main currency in Africa, before slavery and colonization. But nowadays, they are of no importance compared to bank currencies. Nowadays, social changes have upset the importance of cowries. The advent of bank coins gave a secondary role to cowries. So much so that they are used as an object of sacrifice. Also, … Read more

South Koreans are addicted to divination

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on The Economist In cafes, in temples, in tents or on the street, between cheap clothing stalls and cosmetics shops: you can find tables of fortune tellers everywhere in South Korea. Some offer the Korean arts of morphopsychology (reading facial features), others palmistry (those of the hands) or tarot. … Read more

Destiny 2 Ticuu’s Divination Exotic Catalyst Guide: How To Complete Forever Point Drilling Fast

Destiny 2 Ticuus Divination Exotic Catalyst Guide How To Complete

Ticuu’s Divination, the seasonal Exotic that joined Destiny 2 with the start of the Season of the Chosen, is having a really good time. The bow rips through enemies turning them into bombs, allowing you to blast them with careful arrow shots that can create massive chain reactions. The arc can be made even better … Read more

Oracles – Divination cards, a phenomenon that is coming back into fashion

Oracles Divination cards a phenomenon that is coming back

What is the underside of the divination cards that we find more and more often on the shelves of bookstores? Romy Sauvayre, sociologist specializing in science, beliefs and knowledge at Clermont Auvergne University answers. Have you observed this growth of “esoteric” books in mainstream bookstores?Indeed, surveys make it possible to measure the return of astrological … Read more

From the art of divination to the realm of e-health

The researcher noticed, however, that most of the users of ELIZA got caught up in the game of discussion with the robot, entrusting it with intimate information as if it were a real psychiatrist. This experience is allegorical of the current spread of so-called predictive medicine: through the dream of medicine centered on the patient, … Read more

The subtle art of divination applied to public order

” You can always erase the past: it’s a matter of regret, of disavowal, of forgetting. But we do not avoid the future »Oscar Wilde The objective, especially during the holidays, is to write a little more “light”, while continuing, with rigor, to be of service. It is therefore without seeking the slightest originality that … Read more

SOCIOLOGICAL ARCATURES: Mephistophelic divination, this therapeutic lure

CHRONICLE From: RABEH SEBAA “It is always a deep ignorance that founds the most tenacious certainties” (Ibn Sina) It is thus that all the beatified preachers and all the gratified healers begin to bulge the torso of ignorance, showing off the curved biceps of ignorance, loudly trumpeting the implacable virtues of insignificance. Urevolting … Read more