The divinatory art of cowries… the shells that tell the future

It is undoubtedly one of the oldest divinatory arts in the world. Practiced throughout West Africa, cowries are those shells that tell the future to the seer, to the clairvoyant. Based in the Hautes-Pyrénées, Aoua is the heir to a long family tradition. She lives not far from Tarbes. A discreet house whose ocher can … Read more

These enigmatic Sumerian divinatory livers – Sciences et Avenir

This article is from the magazine Sciences et Avenir n°827, dated January 2016. You can get it via a link at the bottom of this article. DIVINATION. No one is a prophet in his own country. This has not always been true! One of the main practices of the populations of the first civilization of … Read more

Learn to read runes, the divinatory art from the Vikings

Learn to read runes the divinatory art from the Vikings

How to read the runes, these pretty pebbles with mysterious symbols that can introduce you to the divinatory arts? Posted October 10, 2018. I’ve been wanting to teach you a witch trick for some time now: reading runes. I do not guarantee you to read your future thanks to this divinatory art but simply to … Read more

[Vodun3/3]: Father Adékambi: “What makes Christians return to the Fa is its dimension and its divinatory truth”

Vodun33 Father Adekambi What makes Christians return to the Fa

Father Moïse Adekambi/ Credit Charles Ayetan Friday, January 10, Beninese celebrate the Vodun festival. A law dating from August 20, 1997 confers a legal and permanent framework to the celebration of this festival whose day of incidence is public holiday and paid on all the extent of the national territory. On this occasion, La Croix … Read more

[VIDEO] Covid-19: clairvoyance, astrology, divinatory tarot… was the pandemic predictable?

VIDEO Covid 19 clairvoyance astrology divinatory tarot was the pandemic predictable

Why was a health crisis of such magnitude not “seen” or predicted? Difficult to translate it in these terms, but we realize today that certain signs were not deceiving… To this question that the whole world is entitled to ask, “Was the Covid-19 pandemic predictable?two astrologers, a clairvoyant, a computer giant, a drawing of divinatory … Read more

Esotericism 2.0: when young people try their hand at divinatory practices – Vatican News

Esotericism is fashionable, especially among young people. Magic rituals and initiations to the divinatory arts abound on social networks. But these practices are far from trivial. Lighting. Interview by Manuella Affejee – Vatican City Astrology, divination, cartomancy, mediumship: these esoteric practices have been on the rise for a few years and are arousing more and … Read more

Comics for children: “Arcana”, a divinatory fantasy that plays the Harry Potter card

Comics for children Arcana a divinatory fantasy that plays the

For this very gripping learning story, Serena Blasco was inspired by her passion for tarot and imagined a magical, luminous and fascinating world, above which the shadow of the young wizard of Hogwarts hovers. From 10 years old. Fauna is the happiest of the teenagers: she has just been appointed to become an apprentice to … Read more