Tarot, astrology, palmistry… The return of the witches of well-being

Tarot astrology palmistry… The return of the witches of well being

On certain evenings, this café in the 18th arrondissement of Paris hosts a curious Sabbath. People come to have their cards drawn or their palms read in a gentle atmosphere. As if esotericism had the power to re-enchant the world. It’s a Friday night like any other Cafe Countersort. Like every weekend for two years, … Read more

Palmistry: past, future, character… What your hands reveal about you

Lines of life, of the heart, of destiny, fingerprints…Have you ever tried to figure out what the lines of your hands mean? If, as reported Current wife, the researcher Jean de Bony created Biotypology to study the hands in order to offer self-knowledge to everyone via the multiple signs and characteristics of genetic origin, he … Read more