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Have you always dreamed of drawing cards but you don’t know if this divinatory art is really reliable? Here is everything you need to know about cartomancy before you start!

Used for millennia, cartomancy is one of the most questionable divinatory arts… but also the most reliable. The domains of predictions can be very large. Whether you have heart problems, of the worries at work or that you wanted to know more about yourselfyou can trust card draws.

Who can practice cartomancy?

In reality, everyone can practice cartomancy at home. However, it is with experience that one becomes a great fortune-teller. If you are a beginner in the field, you will need several months of training before you can predict the future with accuracy. Nevertheless, some divinatory card games, easier to access, will help you develop your gift. Our advice: plan a print book, in which you note the date, your question, the cards drawn and your interpretation… Come back to it a few months later, in order to learn how to refine your interpretations.

For better predictions, it is imperative to surround yourself with good cartomancy cards. There are many tarot cards which can be chosen according to your inner questions. For example, theOracle of Light Energies by Alicia Molet will help you in your personal development while the Tarot of Marseilles will be used more widely. Our advice : start using only the major arcana for the Tarot de Marseille to familiarize yourself with the game.

How does cartomancy work?

Cartomancy is a divinatory art which makes it possible to better understand the events to come but the draw of cards can also be a reflection of the past or the present. Typically, a question is asked of the fortune teller before the cards are turned over. In this way, he can concentrate his energy on a particular event in order to best interpret the draw that follows.

How to learn cartomancy?

It is essential to know all your Tarot cards to make a correct prediction. The more you manipulate them, the more you will charge them with your energy. You can also carry out training by surrounding yourself with professionals in the divinatory arts or you can simply train with a divinatory card game suitable for beginners. There are also many initiation books, notably those by Jean-Michel Mazaudier (Éditions Bussière).

Oracle Gé, Oracle de Belline and Oracle Lenormand can be advised. Their use is quite simple, which will allow you to learn cartomancy more easily. Choose the card game that appeals to you the most by letting your intuition speak for itself. Your chakras must be perfectly open to correctly handle the divinatory cards. Don’t hesitate to clear your mind beforehand, with a little meditation session.

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Tarot de Marseille, Oracles: is cartomancy reliable? – Here is

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